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SEO for your WordPress Site


Are you looking for WordPress Website SEO? Does your current website sit outside of the top 10 results in Google? Installed Yoast or Rank Math and still not seeing any results?

Then you need a WordPress SEO specialist who knows how to get your website ranking prominently in search engines like Google.

For 21+ years I have been offering SEO as a service & I’ve been optimising websites since its launch to marketplace back in the late 2000s.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, so its no wonder there is a huge range of “SEO” plugins out there to help you automate some of those arduous tasks.

Predominantly a handful of SEO plugins rule the roost when it comes to SEO for one of the most popular content management systems in the world, predominantly YOAST SEO for WordPress, RankMath and All In One SEO.

But is an SEO plugin alone enough?


SEO plugins only assist with setting basic crawl functionality, keywords, titles and meta as well as providing the ability to customise what search engines can crawl, robots directives etc.

If your WordPress website isn’t ranking and you can’t seem to move the needle then you need help from a professional wordpress SEO consultant like myself to drive strong ranking growth.



Become an authority with content marketing services

I worked with an eCommerce client called Bulkco – helping them to drive organic traffic growth of over 300%.

Stage 1: Website SEO Audit for Bulkco

In the first phase of the WordPress SEO campaign I conducted a comprehensive on site audit checking landing pages, WP configuration, woocommerce setup and highlighting & fixing all technical SEO issues. 

Stage 2: Wordpress Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Once the audit was complete and once the technical SEO issues had been resolved – a strategy was put together to action findings from Google Search Console analysis.  

Stage 3: On Page Optimisation

As part of the strategy, the website went through page by page optimisation, undergoing content revamps, heading configuration, internal linking and improved SEO scores in Rank Math. All titles, descriptions, headings, URLS and content was optimised to offer a highly relevant experience for target visitors.

Stage 4: Off Page Optimisation

Once the on page SEO had been completed for Bulkco, an off page optimisation campaign had begun. The focus was to drive in new links to the domain on a limited budget. The overall goal was to strengthen the brand and domain profile.

Over the space of 8 months – I was able to deliver SUBSTANTIAL ranking and traffic growth.


WordPress SEO Services

Optimising a wordpress website is no different to optimising most other websites, the only real difference is the CMS (how the website is managed). WordPress provides a simple, quick, easy and convenient platform for businesses to deploy websites on and that’s one of the reasons why it’s grown in popularity.

With the surge in demand – more and more businesses are looking to increase their website traffic so they can sell more products, get more leads, engage more website visitors and more! So, with that in mind, the demand for SEO has increased significantly.

If you are looking for an SEO specialist who can manage your websites SEO and digital marketing strategy look no further. I have over 21 years SEO experience working with content management systems and increasing search ranking.

Every CMS offers different challenges, as does each website theme and website configuration – as a seasoned expert, I am here to provide a one stop shop for all CMS based SEO.

Common WordPress SEO Services include:

  • Optimising pages and setting target keywords
  • Customising titles and descriptions
  • Improving the use of page headings
  • Improving keyword coverage and semantic keywords in content
  • Improving URL structure
  • Preventing Canonical / Cannibalisation Issues
  • Conducting page level SEO analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Optimsing your WordPress themes
  • Content optimisation
  • Setting up Google analytics and Google Search Console
  • Image optimisation
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • Managing crawlability
  • Internal linking
  • Navigation
  • Configuring SEO Plugins such as Yoast SEO Configuration / Rank Math Configuration


and more.

SEO Plugin Configuration

Many WordPress website owners choose their own plugins for SEO, each plugin will have different pros and cons. SEO plugin configuration is the process of setting up all the settings that are optimal to your wordpress website.

I provide full SEO plugin configuration and optimisation for Yoast, All In One, Rank Math and hundreds of other WordPress SEO plugins.

From installing the plugin to configuring titles, descriptions, page level keywords, the use of headings, content, internal links, sitemaps, canonical tag management and more.

I configure your plugins so that your wordpress site achieves the best scores possible when it comes to relevance, performance and value for website visitors.

Each website is unique, so the SEO process for each website will vary, in general I will:

  • Assess your website, content, target audience, theme and configuration
  • I will propose the most relevant SEO plugin for your website to help make your wordpress installation SEO friendly
  • Install and configure the plugins to make sure they are connected, up to date, pulling in data and are functional from pages to posts to categories.
  • Set up search console
  • Configure sitemaps
  • Configure other site specific tags from robots.txt to HREFLANG tags (foreign versions of your website)

As a highly experienced SEO consultant, I offer a full hands off SEO service that will see me optimise your website without you having to worry about the technicalities. Unlike some SEO experts, I optimise based on what search marketplace indexes require whether that remains plugin compliant or not.

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

Whilst I usually set up plugins to assist with the optimisation of pages and posts, I also run your wordpress website through a number of third party tools to assess quality, relevance, content performance and other key factors that can impact on the organic performance of sites.

WordPress SEO generally consists of:

  • Assessing the current websites target audience, design and setup
  • Setting up general WordPress SEO configuration such as sitemaps, robots.txt, crawl directives, tags and more
  • Installing a dedicated search engine optimisation plugin such as Yoast or Rank Math
  • Configuring the plugins master settings to block default URLS, categories and other configurations supported by WP
  • Making sure only value content / pages and media is indexable
  • Keyword research and interest topic analysis
  • Specifiying target keywords page by page
  • Preparing a content brief page by page to improve content relevance for searching end users “referred to as intent)
  • Performing content optimization
  • Setting up or gaining access to Google Search Console
  • Implementing new content page by page to increase content relevance scores in InLinks and Surfer SEO
  • Improving general ranking factors
  • Improving SEO efforts by properly structuring content on the page and using the correct headings on a page
  • Optimising images
  • Onward SEO testing


Some of the most common SEO factors for any WordPress SEO campaign include:

Creating a Keyword List


No wordpress SEO campaign would be functional without detailed keyword research from the outset. Knowing what keywords to assign to pages on your wordpress site is absolutely key – making sure there is enough market insight is also of critical importance.

Finding the right core keywords and long-tail keywords for your website is essential, rather than using conventional SEO keyword research tools I look at getting aggregated data from tools such as Google Search Console – which is generally a treasure trove of usual insights for website owners.

There are multiple ways of conducting keyword research both inside and outside of wordpress – some SEO plugins can pull in keyword data from third party sources such as Google Ads, UberSuggest, SEMRUSH and AHREFS – Whilst other keyword research methods rely more on a manual approach of exporting competitor keyword data, using Google autocomplete and more.

Implementing On Site SEO for WordPress


On Site SEO for wordpress looks at the opportunities to improve the construction of your websites theme to improve organic performance. As part of a strategy, on site SEO will typically include:

  • Checking your WP Install
  • Installing SEO plugins
  • Configuring titles, descriptions, meta
  • Setting canonical tags, dealing with cannibalisation and canonicalisation
  • Blocking irrelevant wordpress pages from being indexed
  • Using keywords in the right manner in titles, descriptions, header and text content
  • Optimising WordPress Permalinks and Slugs
  • Setting up WordPress Robots.txt and Sitemaps
  • Making sure your wordpress website loads fast and meets good core web vital scores
  • Optimising images and alt attributes
  • Making sure URLS are consistent (www vs non www, http vs https)

Basically, this will address ALL required areas for SEO best practices on your website.

Once your website is technically sound and that there aren’t any underlying WordPress SEO issues remaining then we’ll move on to the content production phase.


WordPress Content Optimisation


Search engine rankings are determined not only by the technical health of your website, but also by the quality of content. From service pages to product pages, from blog posts to homepage content – whatever content you may have on your website, it will need to go through manual content reviews and content optimisation – this isn’t typically something that an SEO plugin for wordpress will be all that efficient at.

To improve your Google rankings and search engine marketing efforts, your WordPress pages and posts will need to go through content optimisation to make sure they use the right keywords and terms, to make sure they are sufficient in their coverage and topical authority, and to make sure the content is high quality, well written and unique.

As your WordPress SEO Consultant, you’ll receive a complete SEO content strategy geared at making your website extremely useful to your target audience.



Premium Content Creation


Well written, professional and emotive content can work to help your website to rank higher in search results.

WordPress SEO and content optimisation will include:

  • Assessing what content does perform in google search console
  • What content does not perform in search console by looking at impression and click performance
  • Applying SEO knowledge to run poor performance content through content analysis tools such as Surfer and Inlinks
  • Getting content professionally rewritten for your wordpress website
  • Adding appropriate internal links and meta data
  • Grammar checking / spell checking
  • Sentiment checking
  • Proofing


Once content for your website has gone through checks and approval, it’ll be uploaded and scored to make sure it meets the requirements set out by content analysis tools.


Setting Up Tools & Tags for WordPress


As part of any SEO for WordPress campaign, there will be an inherent requirement to set up various tags and tools. Most of the common requirements for WordPress will include:

  • Setting up and installing Google Analytics / Google Analytics 4
  • Setting up and installing Google Tag Manager
  • Setting up and installing other Google Products where reqiured such as Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Google Optimise etc.
  • Setting up Google Search Console

 Other popular SEO tools for WordPress can include:

  • HotJar for SEO
  • LuckyOrange for SEO

Woocommerce SEO Consulting

As a specialist wordpress SEO consultant, I also offer full SEO for Woocommerce setups. If you are running a webshop using woocommere I can provide a complete optimisation solution making sure your site goes through a thorough SEO audit before being configured to meet best practices.

I can help with the optimisation of Woocommerce product listings, categories, keywords and content, meta data and product SCHEMA.

If you want to increase traffic to your eCommerce website then look no further.

As your WordPress SEO Consultant for Woocommerce:

  • I can configure and optimise your webshop
  • I can configure URLS, Slugs and Category Layering
  • I can prevent canonical issues in Woocommerce
  • I can configure product categories to use static URLS and show static content
  • I can configure products to utilise SCHEMA / Stuctured data
  • I can make sure that your woocommerce setup is optimised for better search engine rankings


Why Work With Me?

Because I am a highly experienced wordpress freelancer who knows how to amplify organic traffic and rankings. 

As of 2021 I have optimised over 1000 WP installations and delivered an average of 220% organic increases within the first 12 months of being commissioned / contracted.

I am recognised as one of the best SEO consultants in the UK having worked on small, medium and large brand accounts & transactional websites.

My portfolio of SEO extends to Woocommerce driven websites where I’ve been able to achieve increased conversions, traffic, sales and ultimately ROI.


Plugins Used to Optimise WP Sites

There are thousands of plugins & hundreds of SEO plugins that can be used to help beginners or novices to optimise their website to a limited degree.

The biggest problem with using a plugin is that for most search engine marketing campaigns, it’s just not enough.

Plugins generally work to deal with specific areas of SEO in isolation, for example, Yoast can help provide basic website configuration and a traffic light scoring system for use of keywords – it can’t however get to the bottom of user intent, content placement, topical relevance, breadth, and depth.

Some of the most commonly used WP SEO Plugins include:


Yoast is a plugin used by SEO agencies, consultants as well as novices, website owners and juniors who want an easier view of their landing page “SEO” value. It provides basic configurations and advanced configurations depending on what version you use (Free or Premium).

Yoast can help deal with basic issues around duplicate content, tag pages, automated meta data population, control of category and tag URLS, canonical tags and more.

Yoast is great for clearing out basic issues from your WP website and making sure Google & other search engines alike can crawl, index and understand the architecture of your website.

Yoast can also deal with crawling permissions for different URL / Slugs and Taxonomies, sitemap generation, robots.txt configuration, search console verification, keyword to content evaluation and page level crawl directives.



Rank math is a later contender to the search engine optimisation party. Having originated from 2018 onwards, Rank Math has quickly become the SEO Plugin of choice for more intermediate SEOs specialists who prefer a wider range of functionality.

With added features to build out SCHEMA, a more in-depth content evaluation tool, integration of Google trends and automated aggregation of search console data – Rank Math is more of a professional plugin for improving WP SEO performance.


How Much Does WordPress SEO Cost?

Because we’re highly experienced, result-driven specialists with an endless portfolio of successful content marketing campaigns that delivered REAL TRAFFIC, REAL GROWTH, REAL RANKINGS and most importantly, a return on investment.

We cut the waffle and the guff that surrounds content marketing – the plan is to create, engage, market and repeat with your bottom line at the forefront.

We’ll cement your brand as an authority in your niche, driving up content engagement from organic, paid, social, direct and referral channels.

Our extensive SEO expertise coupled with social media ads, boosting, digital PR and a massive breadth of connections means your content can go from 0 visibility to booming in no time at all.

If your business is being left behind in the dust by competitors & your business goals for 2021 include growth then contact us – get in touch today, we’ll drive your brand awareness through the roof.

SEO Results Delivered For Clients

Daniel Foley has delivered substantial results for businesses across a whole variety of different business verticals/niches from finance and healthcare through to education, home improvement, manufacturing and more.

Daniel Foley helped SCI MX with an SEO strategy that saw traffic growth of over 140% for hundreds of keywords around protein powder, shakes and protein snacks as well as thousands of new long-tail blog keywords. SCI-MX’s traffic profile has continued to grow throughout 2020.

SEO Campaign

Ranking Duration: 12 Months

Working with iProspect, Daniel Foley worked on an SEO campaign for The Open University helping to deliver a technical SEO audit alongside SEO. The Open University had seen growth of over 30% organically. Technical SEO audits helped to alleviate ranking lag.

Technical SEO Campaign

Ranking Duration: 4 Months

Daniel Foley worked with on an SEO strategy to increase rankings for keyword searches across the west country from holiday cottages to dorset cottages. Daniel Foley and the marketing team were able to deliver growth of over 75%.

SEO Campaign

Ranking Duration: 14 Months

Let’s Get Started

Isn’t it time you had more website traffic & more organic visibility?

WordPress: How your theme and setup might be impacting your SEO


With the flexible nature of this open source CMS, there are literally thousands of different configuration and tens of thousands of themes out there – this huge array of opportunity means that website owners may unwittingly install a theme, page builder or set of plugins that could adversely impact a sites ability to rank.

Some of the most common search engine optimisation issues include:


Poor Core Web Vitals & Slow Page Speeds / Rendering

It’s common knowledge that Google wants the web to be faster – this means websites that are fast are more likely to be favoured from both a search engines perspective and end user perspective.

Google introduced core web vitals which looks at how quickly a page loads, how quickly a user can interact and whether or not the design and layout shift during load.

Slow websites, jerky and poorly rendered websites offer a bad user experience, something that Google want’s to avoid serving to users in search results.

It’s also common knowledge that MOST wordpress themes and page builders will FAIL to score as good in core web vital checks as well as page speed insights checks.

If your theme / page builder is bloated with code, makes hundreds of calls to javascript and CSS then there is a very real chance that your websites SEO performance will suffer.

WordPress by nature is script heavy – so, it can be a challenge optimising a WordPress website and reducing code bloat whilst maintaining a good browsing experience and to ensure that speed optimisation does not break the website.







Is it hard to optimise a wordpress website?


The answer is…….

It depends. It depends on so many different factors from what theme your website uses to the level of plugins and custom code being used. Sometimes SEO isn’t just about your on site, it is also a brand level factor which in its own right, can take time to build on.

Optimising a WP website will generall come after an initial audit and strategy – this will determine how much work there is to do as part of the optimisation phase. 

I’ll look at your existing rankings and existing website to gauge how much work is needed and how much budget it will require to fully optimise and develop organically over time.

Some websites are EASY TO OPTIMISE  if the website is small., not overly complex or doesn’t use much in the way of plugins.

Some websites are HARD TO OPTIMISE if they use a custom theme, custom plugins, bespoke code or are based in a niche with a lot of content complexities.

Claim your SEO audit to find out how long it would take to optimise your website.

“Most WordPress Websites have basic issues that can be fixed quite quickly”

More than 80% of WP websites suffer from basic configuration issues, poor core web vitals, outdated SEO plugins amongst other issues.

What My Clients Say

We used Daniel Foley’s agency Assertive Media for our SEO strategy. They delivered a new website focused around our target audience along with an SEO strategy that delivered outstanding results. We are now number 1 for over 100 of our target keywords and are booked up for the rest of the year.

Darren Yorke


I have found Daniel Foley to be always only happy to help and give pointers/advise whenever it has been needed (even if it means outside of working hours to help me/us achieve deadlines etc.). His wealth of knowledge in the SEO world is incredible. We’re very pleased with the results & quality of work and saw an increase in traffic & enquiries as a result.

Isabel Pacheco

Head of Marketing, Aspen Healthcare Group

We used Daniel Foley & his agency to develop Can’t Pay My Fine which is a revolutionary new website to help people with free government funded support. They built the website, delivered a content strategy and have taken us from 0 visitors to over 300 clicks a day for a whole range of legal searches – overall they’ve transformed our business.

Nicholas Rosenfeld


What can you expect from an SEO campaign?

With a bespoke, highly tailored digital marketing campaign to drive traffic to your WP website – you can expect to see a growth in not just keyword rankings, you can expect more traffic but also to see more known keywords returning your domain. You can expect:

All crawl errors and coverage issues in search console to be fixed

All site warnings to be addresses

Pages on your website optimised correctly 

Updated website content to meet end user needs

Better internal and external linking

Improved WordPress Core Web Vitals & Speed

An increase in impressions from search

An increase in Non brand clicks from search

More Sales, Leads, Enquiries, Visitors 

Are you ready to start your optimisation journey?

We’re not just wordsmiths or purveyors of AMAZING content, we’re incredible content marketers with over 2 decades of experience making great digital content and getting out there in front of tens of thousands of people.

Why Work with Daniel Foley?

With over 20 years experience delivering performance search engine optimisation campaigns, Daniel Foley has significant experience in boosting local businesses visibility. From generating more social media awareness to helping brands build more trust. Whether you are looking for an SEO specialist for Small Business or even a Local SEO specialist in London – Daniel is your go-to SEO expert.

Reap all the benefits of an organic specialist without the large costs associated with digital marketing agencies.

Very good SEO consultant, helped our chain of Gyms rank across the UK, we've seen an uplift, would highly recommend. Daniel's very honest although not the cheapest.

Dominic Marsh Avatar Dominic Marsh
January 28, 2019

Best SEO ever, If your looking for expert fast results then look no further, just give Daniel a call and let him work his magic on your website and SEO. I have been with this company for 2 years now and traffic to my sight amplifies every week, I was a new company starting out back then in a competitive market and Daniel had me on the first page of Google within a few months and No 1 within another two. What a difference higher rankings makes to enquiries and income to your business, we are extremely busy now. Cant thank him enough for the difference he has made. Highly Recommended, you won't regret it. Darren UK Pro Tiling Training

Darren Yorke Avatar Darren Yorke
January 27, 2019

Best SEO ever, If your looking for expert fast results then look no further, just give Daniel a call and let him work his magic on your website and SEO. I have been with this company for 2 years now and traffic to my sight amplifies every week, I was a new company starting out back then in a competitive market and Daniel had me on the first page of Google within a few months and No 1 within another two. What a difference higher rankings makes to enquiries and income to your business, we are extremely busy now. Cant thank him enough for the difference he has made. Highly Recommended, you won't regret it. Darren UK Pro Tiling Training

Darren Yorke Avatar Darren Yorke
January 27, 2019