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Magento SEO Consultant

Use my Magento SEO services to drive new traffic and sales with your eCommerce store.


I offer effective ROI driven SEO services for Magento eCommerce content management systems. With an extensive background in Magento 1 and 2, I help businesses running Magento to significantly increase their organic performance.

If you are looking for a consultant instead of an SEO agency – look no further.

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the United Kingdom and Globally – averaging as one of the top 5 eCommerce content management systems in 2021 according to BuiltWith. Alongside Magento are popular alternatives including Woocommerce, Prestashop, OSCommerce and Shopify.

Magento is generally a self hosted CMS that out of the box provides basic SEO functionality, however, for many, SEO configuration of the Magento platform is well advised to prevent crawl and indexing issues and to ensure that Google and search engines alike can crawl, index and rank accordingly.

If you are looking for magento seo services I offer a full package for businesses looking for a hands on SEO consultant who can audit, identify issues, propose resolutions and improve overall website quality and relevance.

As an open source ecommerce platform, Magento can have a massively diverse configuration and setup, making SEO issues inevitable. From canonicalisation issues and URL structural issues through to poor theme build, poor core web vitals, slow and jerky loading, product inaccessibility through infinite scrolling and more.

As your magento SEO expert – I’ll work with your business to provide a fast turn-around from SEO auditing to technical resolutions, content production and link building.

Magento SEO Services I Offer

I offer an array of Magento Search Engine Optimisation Services designed to get your eCommerce website ranking for relevant keyword and category based searches.

I offer an array of Magento SEO services, predominantly aimed at clearing and fixing all technical issues, before helping to optimise product categories and product pages themselves. Some of the core magento optimisation services I offer include:

  • Magento SEO Audits and Technical On-Page Analysis
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • URL Structure Optimisation
  • Product and Category Optimisation
  • Full Keyword Research
  • Crawl & Render Testing
  • Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimisation
  • Magento Updates
  • Navigation Optimisation
  • Product, Brand and Blog SCHEMA / Structured Data
  • Ad hoc Magento SEO Consultancy
  • Content strategies, content auditing and copywriting
  • Link building
  • Magento CRO (conversion rate optimisation)
  • Brandjacking

I develop start to finish SEO strategies that deal with all aspects of your Magento website, ensuring search engines can crawl and correctly index content. Once it has been established that no crawl issues remain, the next project phase is on site optimisation which will address common SEO elements such as title and meta description production, above the fold category content creation, navigation set up and optimisation, product optimisation, SCHEMA mapping and lots more.

It’s my goal as your magento SEO expert to ensure your websites rankings increase significantly within search engines for relevant target keywords.

Save money and time with a specialist magento SEO expert as opposed to using an seo agency or development agency where hourly rates can be as much as £150-£200. I charge a flat day rate of £500.

Magento SEO that Drives Sales & Growth for your Business

It’s important that your marketing efforts pay their dividends, be it more new visitors, more customers, more sales and product enquiries.

I don’t just offer conventional SEO, I offer Google compliant, white hat SEO that’s sustainable and will deliver exponential growth as far as possible. Increased website traffic from search engines increases the likelihood of new customers buying from your ecommerce store.


  • Sell MORE Products with your website
  • Drive MORE Brand awareness and growth
  • Engage MORE website visitors
  • Increase your recurring customer base

Common Magento SEO Requirements

Magento like any CMS will usually require configuring and optimisation based on your theme, website category and product setup.

Most Magento installs out of the box need basic configuration to get them started. Ranking a Magento site really isn’t all that different to any other CMS be it WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce etc. However the content and product coverage of your website will play a key part in what you can rank for when it comes to an ecommerce SEO strategy.

Some of the most common SEO requirements include:

Optimising Magento Site Structure


This involves getting the shop categories, products and auxiliary pages setup correctly adopting a silo relationship between products and categories. E-Commerce SEO works slightly different to traditional SEO in that the incorporation of content into categories isn’t as essential as it could impede user experience, instead, eCommerce optimisation is really about category and product coverage as well as product filters, ease of website use, mobile-friendliness and more.

Most site structure elements come back to:

  • Optimising URLS so that they are layered correctly, aren’t too long and make sense
  • Positioning products into the correct categories
  • Ensuring categories are clean and products organised into a proper hierachy without conflict
  • Making sure URLS are consistent
  • Ensuring all Magento Site Structure is functional (no broken pages, chained re-directs etc.)


Optimising Content


Search engines crawl and index content, on ecom sites content requirements can vary dramatically with most sites NOT requiring mounds of content on top of product categories or products. Traditional SEO focused very much on combining as much content into a category page as possible however modern SEO boils down to user experience – and the last thing someone looking to buy a product wants to see is mounds of paragraph content cluttering up products or product categories.

Good content optimisation for Magento categories and products involves:

  • Providing highly relevant product descriptions
  • Providing SOME category content that is out of the way but available to give shoppers more information should they want it i.e. billing, delivery, returns etc.
  • Creating content for internal linking
  • Creating authority content outside of products and product category pages
  • Adopting a content marketing service to produce first party and third party content

Improving General On Page


Like most content management systems, Magento will offer the ability to customise everything from URLS to title tags. General on page optimisation will involve:

  • Fixing and optimising titles and descriptions
  • Increasing click through rate
  • Improving use of heading tags
  • Improving semantic relationship between headings and paragraph content
  • Internal links
  • Product filter accessibility
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Page Speed / Core Web Vitals for Magento
  • Structured data for Magento Products, Brand and Aux pages
  • Making sure pages can be rendered and are SEO friendly
  • Full technical SEO resolution – resolving any issues identified during a Technical SEO Audit
  • Conducting full keyword research

Increasing Conversion


All good SEO strategies incorporate an element of conversion rate optimisation. For Magento, all newly acquired organic traffic should be nurtured to convert. With a properly throught out SEO strategy, increasing conversion rates to drive up sales and revenue is much easier, especially when it comes to A/B testing, basket and shopping funnel abandonment and more.

With my SEO expertise and thorough knowledge of CRO for Magento, I can help drive up sales and return on investment.

I’ve worked with multiple UK brands with a magento SEO campaign, driving strong conversion rate increases from 1% to 5%+ with hybrid A/B testing and landing page personalisation experiments.

    Tracking & Tags



    Another key aspect that is absolutely essential for ecommerce industry websites and any magento store is to ensure Google analytics / Google analytics 4 is setup and that tags are properly tracking. Any marketing strategy that’s good will typically look at tracking configuration, tracking accuracy, eCommerce reporting in Google analytics and more.

    I provide a full tracking audit, looking at everything from standard GTAG implementation for Magento through to GA4 installation.

    How much will Magento SEO Services cost?

    Pricing for SEO is very much bespoke depending on your website’s current organic performance, product coverage, brand authority and target keywords.

    I provide free no obligation SEO quotes after an initial search console review or a review of your websites organic performance using third party tools.

    Once I understand the traffic to your website I’ll be able to forecast competitors, time to rank and some costs for the required SEO work to drive new customers to your e commerce website.

    Organic search offers huge ROI potential and traffic payback is often hundreds of times higher than the initial investment to drive increased rankings, traffic and sales.

    How long will it takes to see results?

    A Magento SEO campaign can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to see results, the time-frame for ranking is very much conditional on your website’s existing performance, authority, product coverage, and whether Google is due to deploy any updates.


    SEO is very much a “how long is a piece of string” channel where results can originate over-night if there are glaring issues with your Magento setup impeding your rankings, or, it might be a case that your domain has little authority, poor product coverage, no keyword scope or many other factors that will ultimately dictate how long it takes to rank.

    Prior to commencing any SEO campaign – I can provide a free time to rank assessment to look at your domain’s history, website setup, authority and existing keyword coverage to assess how long it may take and what results could likely be achieved.

    As one of the UK’s leading Magento SEO experts, I provide a realistic assessment of your business, product and brand standing prior to commencing any work.


    Is Magento Good for SEO?


    Magento is a powerful and well equipped CMS for seo experts to be able to edit and implement changes to enhance an ecommerce store. Magento is full of resources, features and add ons that can be used to enhance organic performance.

    Like most other CMS platforms, a proper configuration with proper product categorisation and filtering is key to delivering a good user experience, which, has a direct impact on SEO.

    Why use an SEO Consultant over an eCommerce Website Agency?


    The value in the SEO that’s delivered is entirely dependent on the budget and the level of experience demonstrated by any SEO executive or specialist working on your strategy. SEO consultants like myself have extensive experience with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 – meaning better streamlining, a better fundamental understanding of common issues and a speedier turn-around for optimisation both on page and off page.

    The benefits to using a dedicated SEO consultant for your Magento SEO campaign is cost & responsiveness.

    Many Magento SEO Companies can charge in excess of £100-£200 per hour where as consultants will often charge between £300-£500 a day.

    Do you offer Magento SEO Training?


    AS a consultant, I can provide dedicated Magento SEO training for in house planning, implementation and execution of SEO fixes. Some businesses that run and manage their own stores will want in house talent equipped with monitoring, implementing and onward traffic / ecommerce sales growth.

    I can provide dedicated, high quality SEO training for your business.

    Magento SEO: The Process

    Whether you have worked with an in-house SEO manager, seo agency or freelance before – the process for each SEO campaign is generally bespoke.

    Typically with me, you can expect:

    STEP 1 – Enquiry

    Once you’ve filled out the SEO enquiry form or once you get in touch I’ll run through a couple of initial questions to understand a bit more about your Magento SEO needs, your business, your products and/or services.

    Once I have ascertained a little more about your business we can proceed to step 2.

    STEP 2 – Evaluation and Research

    I generally request access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics (although analytics isn’t as important initially). Using search console data I benchmark product, category and non brand clicks and impressions to ascertain current rankings, ranking opportunities and then to map out who your competitors are (based on value keywords).

    After researching data pertaining to your ecommerce store, I can evaluate competitor data and their respective ecommerce platforms as part of an SEO strategy.

    STEP 3 – Quotation

    After the research, competitor discovery and ranking evaluation I provide your business with an e commerce SEO quotation including ranking forecasts, time to rank and monthly deliverables from content through to link building services. 

    STEP 4 – Initial SEO Strategy

    After onboarding – I’ll prepare and detail an SEO strategy tailored around your business, products and priorities. KPIs are agreed & a monthly action plan is provided, from there onwards I’ll typically begin with a technical SEO audit and keyword research phase or “sprint”.

    Why Work With Me?

    I am a highly motivated, passionate and creative Magento SEO Professional who has a strong fundamental understanding of the Magento framework from general configuration and optimisation through to the utilisation of add ons and platform enhancements.

    I am recognised within the SEO industry, with over 30,000 LinkedIn followers and a passion for everything SEO.

    I’ve helped all kinds of UK and London businesses dominate search with properly constructed and executed search engine marketing campaigns.


    SEO Results Delivered For Clients

    Daniel Foley has delivered substantial results for businesses across a whole variety of different business verticals/niches from finance and healthcare through to education, home improvement, manufacturing and more.

    Daniel Foley helped SCI MX with an SEO strategy that saw traffic growth of over 140% for hundreds of keywords around protein powder, shakes and protein snacks as well as thousands of new long-tail blog keywords. SCI-MX’s traffic profile has continued to grow throughout 2020.

    SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 12 Months

    Working with iProspect, Daniel Foley worked on an SEO campaign for The Open University helping to deliver a technical SEO audit alongside SEO. The Open University had seen growth of over 30% organically. Technical SEO audits helped to alleviate ranking lag.

    Technical SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 4 Months

    Daniel Foley worked with on an SEO strategy to increase rankings for keyword searches across the west country from holiday cottages to dorset cottages. Daniel Foley and the marketing team were able to deliver growth of over 75%.

    SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 14 Months

    Let’s Get Started

    Isn’t it time you had more website traffic & more organic visibility?

    Magento SEO Agency – do you need one?


    Many small, medium and large businesses across the UK, Europe and Globally tend to opt for seo agencies or seo companies over freelance SEO experts when it comes to platform level optimisation.

    However, as I have demonstrated to many medium, large and corporate bluechip organisations – the consultant is generally mightier than the agency.

    Whether your business is a small < £1 million a year turnover or a large £100 million + a year turnover business, your SEO requirements are unlikely to differ.

    Using a dedicated consultant like myself – I can be integrated into SLACK, ZOOM, TEAMS and other workspaces as a part of your business.

    I can look after and manage MAGENTO SEO execution by orchestrating tasks to developers, delegating to content writers, working on digital PR link building campaigns & more

     Enlisting my expertise, I’ll save you money, time and hassle.





    Is it hard to optimise a magento website?


    The answer is…….

    It can be. The level of difficulty involved in optimising any website really comes down to the websites framework, hosting, business process, products and categories. Most out of the pack CMS installs will require a technical SEO specialist to be able to identify SEO issues and propose recommendations for those issues to be resolved.

    Of course there is more to this than meets the eye.

    As your Magento SEO Freelancer, I will work with your business to audit, correct and optimise your website so that it meets all modern SEO best practices from fast loading pages and core web vitals to the proper adoption of SCHEMA and other technical requirements.

    “Most Websites have basic issues that can be fixed quite quickly”

    More than 80% of Magento websites suffer from basic configuration issues, poor core web vitals, outdated SEO plugins amongst other issues.

    What My Clients Say

    We used Daniel Foley’s agency Assertive Media for our SEO strategy. They delivered a new website focused around our target audience along with an SEO strategy that delivered outstanding results. We are now number 1 for over 100 of our target keywords and are booked up for the rest of the year.

    Darren Yorke


    I have found Daniel Foley to be always only happy to help and give pointers/advise whenever it has been needed (even if it means outside of working hours to help me/us achieve deadlines etc.). His wealth of knowledge in the SEO world is incredible. We’re very pleased with the results & quality of work and saw an increase in traffic & enquiries as a result.

    Isabel Pacheco

    Head of Marketing, Aspen Healthcare Group

    We used Daniel Foley & his agency to develop Can’t Pay My Fine which is a revolutionary new website to help people with free government funded support. They built the website, delivered a content strategy and have taken us from 0 visitors to over 300 clicks a day for a whole range of legal searches – overall they’ve transformed our business.

    Nicholas Rosenfeld


    What can you expect from an SEO campaign?

    With a bespoke, highly tailored digital marketing campaign to drive traffic to your WP website – you can expect to see a growth in not just keyword rankings, you can expect more traffic but also to see more known keywords returning your domain. You can expect:

    All crawl errors and coverage issues in search console to be fixed

    All site warnings to be addresses

    Pages on your website optimised correctly 

    Updated website content to meet end user needs

    Better internal and external linking

    Improved WordPress Core Web Vitals & Speed

    An increase in impressions from search

    An increase in Non brand clicks from search

    More Sales, Leads, Enquiries, Visitors 

    Are you ready to start your optimisation journey?

    We’re not just wordsmiths or purveyors of AMAZING content, we’re incredible content marketers with over 2 decades of experience making great digital content and getting out there in front of tens of thousands of people.

    Why Work with Daniel Foley?

    With over 20 years experience delivering performance search engine optimisation campaigns, Daniel Foley has significant experience in boosting local businesses visibility. From generating more social media awareness to helping brands build more trust. Whether you are looking for an SEO specialist for Small Business or even a Local SEO specialist in London – Daniel is your go-to SEO expert.

    Reap all the benefits of an organic specialist without the large costs associated with digital marketing agencies.

    Superb results for my business. The difference is amazing after Daniel done his magic.

    Lavinia Norris Avatar Lavinia Norris
    March 9, 2019

    I have used Daniel for SEO consultancy for the last 3 years. He's helped our jewellery business to grow significantly online. We initially used Daniel for some SEO consultancy, but, after a few months we realised it would be better to just hand the SEO over to him completely. Since then our keywords are all showing prominently in Google and our analytics traffic is up 100's%. I can't thank Daniel enough and I hope this review encourages others to seek his expertise.

    John Dodd Avatar John Dodd
    February 21, 2019

    Very good SEO consultant, helped our chain of Gyms rank across the UK, we've seen an uplift, would highly recommend. Daniel's very honest although not the cheapest.

    Dominic Marsh Avatar Dominic Marsh
    January 28, 2019