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Shopify SEO Consultant

Increase Sales in Your Shopify eCommerce Website.


I provide professional SEO consultancy to businesses running Shopify as their website platform. If you are looking to catapult your shopify rankings forward I can help – I have extensive experience working with and optimising shopify websites.

You might think that Shopify is the “website builder for small businesses”, but with an almost 5% web presence among the top 10,000 most visited sites in the world today and a boost of over 500% since July 2017, it’s clear that there is still a lot of room for growth. There are lots of ways you can improve your SEO when using Shopify.

If you are running this CMS for your ecommerce website – then you’ll already know how important it is to get traffic to your website so that you can sell products (at the most fundamental level). People who search google for products you have to offer should be able to find your store – if they can’t, that means you need a highly experienced shopify SEO expert to optimise your web shop.

Out of the box, shopify has some basic SEO functionality, but in general, most standard shopify deployments are not optimised and will often carry with them issues with cannibalisation, index issues, product accessibility issues and more.

Shopify is the second most popular online eCommerce platform, only being surpassed by Woocommerce. With over 100m websites running Shopify, there is an inherent need for Shopify SEO experts who know where common issues arise and how to fix them.


Shopify SEO Services I Offer

I offer an array of Shopify Search Engine Optimisation Services designed to get your eCommerce website ranking for relevant keyword and category based searches.

I offer a full range of shopify optimisation services from auditing to advanced theme.liquid optimisations. Some of the core services I offer include:

  • Shopify SEO Audits
  • Product keyword research
  • Category keyword research
  • Shopify SEO Strategies and Campaigns
  • Ensuring your shopify site meets best practices
  • Checklist of known website issues and fixes
  • Plugin (Add on) configuration to improve SEO functionality
  • Shopify content strategies
  • Structured Data Optimisation for Shopify Products
  • Content production
  • Link building

As an SEO expert with over 21 years of experience, I’ve dealt with all aspects of shopify store optimisation from dealing with ghost URLS and stray collections / tag URLS through to dealing with issues caused by infinite scrolling – which coincidentally isn’t great for SEO.

From start to finish, I can audit your store, identify all of the issues that are impacting your rankings (or lack thereof), implement fixes and help drive strong organic growth for your shopify website.

Through a proper strategy, testing and optimising methodology – I can ensure that all of the categories and products / collections in your store are optimised, fast, accessible and most importantly, relevant for your end users. By creating high quality relevant content, and combining it with properly structured product collections and product pages, I can ensure that your store URLS become more prominent on the first page of search engines for relevant keywords.

Good SEO is about driving relevance, trust and good user experience – I help drive your Shopify stores relevance up, making it far more likely that you’ll appear at the top of google and search engines alike for relevant keywords.


Why Choose Me As Your Shopify SEO Expert?

I am recognised and reputable with over 21 years SEO experience delivering strong retail eCommerce sales for business across the UK & globally.

I have over 21 years of SEO experience as a consultant delivering bespoke search engine marketing strategies for e commerce businesses. I have a large portfolio of successful case studies reflecting strong e commerce growth as a result of my seo services.

There are thousands of shopify SEO experts to choose from, but few have the same level of experience or establishment.

I’ve delivered £ millions of pounds of increased revenue through online shop digital marketing strategies, either running SEO or both SEO and PPC as part of a hybrid strategy.

Dominate search results, increase online sales and see your web shop flourish as my tried and tested SEO techniques for Shopify sites is implemented.

Key reasons to work with me:


  • 21+ Years SEO Experience
  • Over 100 successful SEO campaigns delivered for shopify store deployments
  • No contract
  • Agile methodology
  • ROI driven
  • Fast, Effective & Transparent

    Why do I need search engine optimisation for my ecommerce store?

    Shopify like any content management system will often require configuring and optimisation based on your theme, website category and product setup.

    With search engine optimisation, your ecommerce store can rank more prominently in search engines, meaning more of your target audience can find your site and buy your products. Without SEO, you may find that ranking performance in search engines such as Google and Bing is poorer. If you cant find your website on page 1 whilst Googling products or product categories than that is a sure fire sign that your business requires the expertise of a shopify SEO consultant.

    Without site optimisation and a complementing digital marketing strategy it’s likely that your potential customers will buy from highly ranking competitors – which, isn’t good for your business, revenues or margins.

    Why go through the investment of having a shopify website built and not having any customers buying your products?

    How long will it take my shopify store to start ranking?

    There are no arbritary time-frames for ranking – it will really depend on your websites current organic performance, domain authority and product coverage. 

    With a shopify SEO expert such as myself, most clients can start to see noticeable ranking increases during months 3 to 6, however this is very much conditional on where your website ranks currently, your target niche and equivalent product coverage.

    Brand new shopify deployments will generally take longer to rank if they are on a new or weak domain (as determined by domain authority and trust). With a new website, there needs to be time for trust to be built in the brand and domain – however, for more new websites, long tail keyword opportunities are a great way to get results quickly.

    For existing shopify websites, time to rank is entirely dependent on existing performance, budget and product / category or collection coverage – and can be influenced by any SEO services delivered previously either through seo shopify experts or through an seo company.

    Before you hire me as your shopify seo expert, I’ll give you an initial search performance assessment which will give you insights into how long I think it will take to reach specific ranking points and the potential investment required.


    How much will an SEO campaign cost?

    Shopify SEO Campaigns can cost anywhere from £1000 per month to £5000 per month onwards depending on the size and scope of products to rank as well as how competitive the niche is.


    SEO campaign costs will vary depending on the size of the website, volume of products, how competitive the niche is and what current search visibility performance looks like. Typical day rates for Shopify SEO start from £350.

    I provide a free no oligation quote for shopify SEO services, detailing what can be done, a roadmap of work, projected ranking timeframes and a summary of quick wins.

    Using an seo consultant over an SEO agency or typical SEO company can save money, allowing your business to invest more into other important aspects of the SEO campaign such as digital PR.


    Will all of my technical SEO issues be fixed?


    As your shopify SEO expert, I will work with your business, webmaster, developers or heads of marketing to ensure ALL technical SEO issues are dealt with. Most Shopify SEO problems are easily solvable, but, that will depend on the nature of your theme, liquid files, existing configuration and flexibility for changes.

    Some of the most common SEO issues known with Shopify include:

    • Inability to edit tag pages
    • Duplicate content on various URLS from collections to tags
    • Duplicate page titles and meta
    • Fixed URL structure
    • Fixed robots. txt
    • Limited customization of pages
    • Limits on page titles and meta descriptions
    • Poor initial template performance including poor page speed / core web vitals, clunky theme etc.


    How long will it take to fix all the SEO issues on my Shopify website?


    Most fixes related to technical SEO on your site can be implemented very quickly with an agile SEO strategy. How long it will take is really dependent on the size of your shopify website and the complexity of pre-existing pages, theme and add ons used.

    For most clients, a technical SEO roadmap in month 1 will highlight timeframes for resolving all on page / technical SEO issues that could be impeding your shopify rankings in search engines.

    As a shopify SEO expert with over a decade of experience, I am able to implement corrective fixes to most shopify SEO issues within the first 1-2 months of the SEO campaign starting.

    Advanced or more complex websites may require the addition of a shopify developer to help speed up implementation, testing and resolution of search engine optimisation issues.

    Typically month 1 is reserved for fixing more essential issues relating to a websites crawlability and how easy it is for search engines like Google to crawl and index within search results.

    Will I see more website traffic and sales quickly?


    70% of clients see traffic growth within the first 3-6 months of any SEM / SEO campaign. Ranking increases are generally noticed first, followed by an increase in impressions and clicks. Sales growth is entirely dependent on a number of things including product pricing, brand establishment and other trust factors.

    As a highly experienced and respected Shopify SEO Consultant, I can also support your marketing endeavours with conversion rate optimisation – helping to convert more customers at basket / checkout and point of sale.

    Any business owner will want to see a return on investment as quickly as possible – which is why SEO and conversion rate optimisation go hand in hand to drive an increase in online sales. SEO for shopify needn’t be a complex mish mash of reviewing seo agency proposals or going from seo specialist to seo specialist – with a proper shopify search engine optimisation campaign, I can ensure that growth, ROI and website traffic is a reality.

    Can I optimise my own Shopify Store?

    Of course, some businesses may not have the luxury of affording an SEO consultant to optimise a shopify website and therefore may resort to shopify SEO guides and do it yourself tutorials. There are a number of add ons that can be used to help improve performance.

    Boosting SEO for your Shopify store isn’t just about understanding and implementing SEO best practices. Although this is an important component of your strategy, for the best possible results, it’s also essential to use the right tools.

    You can have great content on your product pages and even in your blog (if present) but that’s simply useless if there is no traffic coming.

    Learning to become an SEO specialist so that you can perform your own search engine marketing on your website is something that can take years of practice to do – this is typically why businesses big or small will hire a consultant like myself to undertake the work.


    Why Work With Me?

    I’m an enthusiastic, passionate and highly motivated individual with a wealth of search engine optimisation expertise spanning a wide range of eCommerce industries from home improvement products through to fitness products, health & supplement products, alcohol, clothing, tech & gadgets, vaping, home improvement & furniture retail.

    I’ve helped over 100 UK businesses to significantly increase revenue and product sales through their eCommerce website.


    SEO Results Delivered For Clients

    Daniel Foley has delivered substantial results for businesses across a whole variety of different business verticals/niches from finance and healthcare through to education, home improvement, manufacturing and more.

    Daniel Foley helped SCI MX with an SEO strategy that saw traffic growth of over 140% for hundreds of keywords around protein powder, shakes and protein snacks as well as thousands of new long-tail blog keywords. SCI-MX’s traffic profile has continued to grow throughout 2020.

    SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 12 Months

    Working with iProspect, Daniel Foley worked on an SEO campaign for The Open University helping to deliver a technical SEO audit alongside SEO. The Open University had seen growth of over 30% organically. Technical SEO audits helped to alleviate ranking lag.

    Technical SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 4 Months

    Daniel Foley worked with on an SEO strategy to increase rankings for keyword searches across the west country from holiday cottages to dorset cottages. Daniel Foley and the marketing team were able to deliver growth of over 75%.

    SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 14 Months

    Let’s Get Started

    Isn’t it time you had more website traffic & more organic visibility?

    What Shopify SEO Tools Do People Use?

    SEO Booster FREE

    SEO Booster FREE is the newest app to help your store rank higher in Google’s search engine. The app provides insights and reports to help you better understand whether your SEO strategy is working as well as it should. With structured data features, auto-updates for alt text, and suggested keyword updates, this free app has many functions that can lead to a higher ranking in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

    SEO Image Optimizer

    SEO Image Optimizer FREE is a free service that helps you easily optimize your images so they are found more frequently in Google Image Search. If you want to give your website an edge with SEO, this app will help you do just that! A commonly overlooked SEO strategy for online buiness, image optimisation is not only good for website performance, it’ll also make sure that visitors browing google images and other image search engines can see your products amongst the gallery of items searched for.

    Avada SEO

    The AVADA SEO Suite app is a free tool that helps you to build parts of on-page SEO effortlessly. It is designed to optimize your website images and structure, making it most matching to the Google Search algorithm. This will help you with loading times as well as allow for easy insertion of any other information needed.

    From an SEO perspective, Avada is a great way to set up and implement elements that would otherwise be reserved for more complex SEO techniques.

    Is it hard to optimise a shopify website?


    The answer is…….

    Possibly. So, the extent of optimisation required and what can be implemented is conditional on many different things – primarily the theme you are using. Some themes come ready optimised for Google Core Web Vitals / Page Speed Insights whilst some do not, there are thousands of shopify themes such as Narrative, Simple, Debut, Supply, Brooklyn, Venture, Turbo, Boundless and more! 

    The CMS itself offers all the basic SEO functionality you would expect, but, for many setups there will always be something that may need customisation to THEME.LIQUID files or custom blocking to prevent GHOST URLS / Duplicate tag/collection URLS from appearing in Google’s index (this can and does lead to cannibalisation) which is bad, especially for eCommerce SEO services.

    “Most Websites have basic issues that can be fixed quite quickly”

    More than 80% of Shopify websites suffer from basic configuration issues, poor core web vitals, outdated SEO plugins amongst other issues.

    What My Clients Say

    We used Daniel Foley’s agency Assertive Media for our SEO strategy. They delivered a new website focused around our target audience along with an SEO strategy that delivered outstanding results. We are now number 1 for over 100 of our target keywords and are booked up for the rest of the year.

    Darren Yorke


    I have found Daniel Foley to be always only happy to help and give pointers/advise whenever it has been needed (even if it means outside of working hours to help me/us achieve deadlines etc.). His wealth of knowledge in the SEO world is incredible. We’re very pleased with the results & quality of work and saw an increase in traffic & enquiries as a result.

    Isabel Pacheco

    Head of Marketing, Aspen Healthcare Group

    We used Daniel Foley & his agency to develop Can’t Pay My Fine which is a revolutionary new website to help people with free government funded support. They built the website, delivered a content strategy and have taken us from 0 visitors to over 300 clicks a day for a whole range of legal searches – overall they’ve transformed our business.

    Nicholas Rosenfeld


    What can you expect from an SEO campaign?

    With a bespoke, highly tailored digital marketing campaign to drive traffic to your Shopify eCommerce website – you can expect to see a growth in not just keyword rankings, you can expect more traffic but also to see more known keywords returning your domain. You can expect:

    All crawl errors and coverage issues in search console to be fixed

    All site warnings to be addresses

    Pages on your website optimised correctly 

    Updated website content to meet end user needs

    Better internal and external linking

    Improved WordPress Core Web Vitals & Speed

    An increase in impressions from search

    An increase in Non brand clicks from search

    More Sales, Leads, Enquiries, Visitors 

    Are you ready to start your optimisation journey?

    We’re not just wordsmiths or purveyors of AMAZING content, we’re incredible content marketers with over 2 decades of experience making great digital content and getting out there in front of tens of thousands of people.

    Why Work with Daniel Foley?

    With over 20 years experience delivering performance search engine optimisation campaigns, Daniel Foley has significant experience in boosting local businesses visibility. From generating more social media awareness to helping brands build more trust. Whether you are looking for an SEO specialist for Small Business or even a Local SEO specialist in London – Daniel is your go-to SEO expert.

    Reap all the benefits of an organic specialist without the large costs associated with digital marketing agencies.

    Best SEO ever, If your looking for expert fast results then look no further, just give Daniel a call and let him work his magic on your website and SEO. I have been with this company for 2 years now and traffic to my sight amplifies every week, I was a new company starting out back then in a competitive market and Daniel had me on the first page of Google within a few months and No 1 within another two. What a difference higher rankings makes to enquiries and income to your business, we are extremely busy now. Cant thank him enough for the difference he has made. Highly Recommended, you won't regret it. Darren UK Pro Tiling Training

    Darren Yorke Avatar Darren Yorke
    January 27, 2019

    I have used Daniel for SEO consultancy for the last 3 years. He's helped our jewellery business to grow significantly online. We initially used Daniel for some SEO consultancy, but, after a few months we realised it would be better to just hand the SEO over to him completely. Since then our keywords are all showing prominently in Google and our analytics traffic is up 100's%. I can't thank Daniel enough and I hope this review encourages others to seek his expertise.

    John Dodd Avatar John Dodd
    February 21, 2019

    I used Daniel for the advertising of my accountancy firm. He has done a wonderful job helping to build a professional website and thanks to his skills in SEO work, we are ranking really well on Google. I found Daniel to be very knowledgeable and always happy to help.

    Stacey Avatar Stacey
    June 6, 2019