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Your new ranking journey starts here. Daniel Foley offers award winning SEO campaigns that deliver visible results for effective business growth.


Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website to improve visibility in organic search results. SEO is a bespoke process designed to enhance a websites quality and relevance to make it more appealing to end users so that it meets their needs.

Websites that are optimised and follow best practices will typically perform better in search engines like Google.

How well a website is optimised and how successful your SEO results are is dependent on the expertise of the SEO agency or SEO consultant carrying out the work.

As a marketing channel, SEO can offer significant returns, significant ROI and a growth in sales, traffic, enquiries & everything to help a business flourish online.

I have the technical expertise and background to deliver professional SEO services that drive strong organic growth thanks to over 21 years of SEO experience delivering work at an SEO agency and also as an independent freelance SEO consultant.

Most SEO campaigns will begin with a strategy/roadmap which will usually incorporate things such as an SEO audit report or “technical SEO audit”, an implementation timeline for issue resolution, keyword research, content planning, content marketing & writing, digital PR and more.



An SEO Agency in London that Businesses Trust

Assertive is an SEO agency in London that I run with one of the most refined SEO teams out there – commanding authority and respect having dealt with SEO campaigns for large corporate and international businesses.

With over 100+ clients who have trusted the agency to deliver the finest, most streamlined SEO campaigns out there – it’s no wonder Assertive & the Daniel Foley SEO Consultancy are the SEO company of choice.


Specialists in Organic Search

Whilst owning and growing a London SEO agency & having developed & delivered bespoke SEO services for hundreds of businesses across London & the UK, I have a fundamental understanding of what constitutes “GOOD SEO”, SEO that follows best practice and complies with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

I deliver search engine-friendly SEO campaigns that are born from big data analysis, user intent analysis, keyword landscape analysis & premium quality content production & digital PR / link building.

Using full white-hat SEO strategies, I as an agency owner can deliver exceptional ranking growth – all acquired ranking growth and traffic, as a result, remains sustainable, meaning once we hit ranking targets, they can be sustained over time.

With over 21 years of SEO experience, I’ve fine-tuned a holistic approach to delivering SEO services that avoid/negate the use of grey hat or black hat SEO practices which can jeopardise not only search rankings, but also trust in your domain, your brand, your business.

Digital marketing is about combining ethical SEO testing & implementation to deliver strong, progressive ranking increases for your website in Google search.

Take a look at the case studies from work delivered by the assertive SEO agency – you’ll see exceptional results delivered for patient clients who were educated, guided and nurtured throughout the search engine optimisation campaign.

The SEO Process: How it works

As one of London’s leading SEO services providers, I have a refined process for delivering SEO services that reduce common time to rank factors by combining a solid SEO testing methodology with a compounded approach to applying best practices.

The most basic form of ranking formulae tends to boil down to:

Fast, Light, Clean Website with Good UX (user experience)

High quality, intent focused content that’s unique, well written, accurate, and interlinked

Strong, high-quality digital PR / earned links & structured link building


The SEO process works as follows:

STEP 1 – Kicking Off & Audit

  1. Your website goes through a full on-site technical SEO audit
  2. Google search console data is examined to identify all nonbrand query opportunities
  3. Secondary research is conducted to identify the best, most relevant keywords to target as well as identifying low hanging fruit

STEP 2 – Researching & Fixing

  1. All SEO audit issues go through a development/implementation phase to correct them, ensuring the website no longer has those issues at the end
  2. Landing page content goes through analysis to make sure the content is high quality, intent matched, well written, and interlinked
  3. The website goes through SEO enhancement incorporating SCHEMA / Structured Data / Improved Core Web Vitals

STEP 3 – Brand & Trust Building

  1. A digital PR campaign goes underway to earn high-quality backlinks that drive referral traffic and a growth in domain trust and authority
  2. This phase moves on to brand authority and trust building which includes general link building, citation building, review building & more to drive positive brand signals and increased link velocity.

STEP 4 – Ongoing SEO Strategy & Testing

Each SEO strategy for each business will change – it is the responsibility of any good, reputable SEO agency to make sure the campaign takes into consideration all of the things that matter from a ranking and SEO perspective.

I understand the needs of each website because I look at ranking factors associated with target keywords – this requires an SEO testing methodology, something that is relatively unique and not often used by your average SEO company in London.

All on site and off site SEO is white hat, compliant, and will adhere to “at the time” best practices, meaning your SEO campaign will be taken to the next level.

Watch as Google crawls your website and your content, rewarding it with higher average positions for relevant keywords thanks to the expertise of myself and the Assertive SEO agency.

Why Page 1 Rankings Alone Aren’t Good Enough

The quality of links earned through our digital PR and backlink building regimes is exceptionally good. We use genuine digital PR leverage, media lead content distribution, HARO pitching and more! to earn high quality links from high quality content to deliver your domain the ranking clout it needs.

The people behind our link building service have over 10 years independent SEO experience each – this means that you’ll get links that are not only white hat, you’ll get links from real domains with real traffic.

We don’t need to offer a money back guarantee because we know the links we’ll earn for your brand will be unmatchable from most other sources.


  • Top 3 Rankings are ABSOLUTELY Essential to drive up clicks and not just IMPRESSIONS

  • In most search marketplaces, most users only click the first 1-5 organic results

  • Most users convert within the first 3 organic results on Google

London SEO Services

SEO services are the same wherever in the UK you may be, whether your business is located in Westminster or Covent Gardens, Fitzrovia or Southwark, Bristol or Leeds, it doesn’t matter. SEO services are entirely dependent on requirements – that is, all SEO campaigns should be tailored to fit around the websites existing organic SEO profile.

We provide SEO services for ANY website platform including

Shopify SEO Consultancy
WordPress SEO Consultancy
Magento SEO Consultancy
Squarespace SEO Consultancy
WIX SEO Consultancy
Drupal SEO Consultancy

Umbraco, GRAV, BigCommerce & pretty much any Javascript / VUE JS / Angular platforms.



    Typical SEO services include:

        • Technical SEO Audits
        • Keyword Research
        • Keyword Landscape Analysis
        • Competitor Discovery & Search Share Evaluation
        • Content Strategies & Content Marketing Services
        • Content Copywriting (SEO)
        • Landing Page Optimisation
        • Conversion Rate Optimisation
        • Digital PR & Link Building Services
        • Brand Trust Building
        • Voice Search Optimisation
        • International SEO
        • Local SEO Services
        • Log File Analysis
        • Website Migrations
        • Penalty Recovery and Removal

    Getting More Converting Traffic Through SEO Services

    SEO when implemented correctly can prove to be one of the most profitable channels to deliver traffic, grow sales and enquiries – which is essential for ROI. Where PPC may exhaust budget or require elevated spend to maintain around the clock visibility, SEO can fill the gap by providing visibility 24 hours a day, making your website far more likely to be a purchase/enquiry destination from potential customers.

    SEO works to increase relevance, traffic and visitor engagement – all with a unified objective, and that’s to do more business online.

    How successful SEO is will always come down to how an SEO agency positions experts internally to create a tailored marketing strategy – as one of the UK’s leading SEO agencies & best known SEO experts, I develop tailored SEO campaigns that combine thorough keyword research with comprehensive landing page optimisation to drive high levels of content authority and landing page relevance.

    SEO is a data backed science that combines “user intent” with best practice & SEO testing to fine tune your websites landing pages so that search engines like Google understand what you have to offer and how relevant your landing pages are in association with the target keywords chosen.

    Getting more traffic is one thing, getting more engaged, ready to buy website visitors is another – and that is wholeheartedly what sits at the forefront of any SEO service that I deliver to clients.

    See The Results, Witness The Growth, Enjoy The Traffic

    If your business is in need of a new & refreshed approach to ranking and traffic growth then book your consultation with me today. If you’ve gone round in circles from SEO agency to SEO specialist and still haven’t achieved the traffic or ranking growth your business needs then let’s talk.

    It’s not uncommon for London SEO companies or indeed any SEO business inside or outside of London to miss the marker when it comes to delivering results – most of the time it’s a mix of misaligned budget and lack of true SEO expertise that results in campaign failure.

    That’s where I can help. If your business is:

    • Not ranking on page 1 in Google
    • Not ranking in the top 3 on page 1 of Google for target keywords
    • Not getting enough relevant website traffic
    • Not generating enough enquiries or online sales
    • Struggling to gain any visibility online

    Then let’s discuss your needs and core SEO objectives.

    As one of the UK’s leading SEO consultants & proud SEO agency owner I have a strong track record in delivering performance marketing campaigns that carry huge momentum & growth success.

    Check out the customer reviews to see what’s said about my award winning SEO service that has delivered thousands of first page results over the last 20 years. Results-driven, passionate & with high level senior SEO experience – I can deliver an SEO strategy that will drie your organic traffic up MoM / YoY.

    Why does this matter you may ask?

    Well, it matters a lot. Think about it – if a website has lots of good traffic its likely because it has a lot of good content to offer. If a website ranks and has good quality content than any link you may earn from that site will be of more value than a domain that has no traffic.

    If you get links from domains with a medium to HIGH DR but those sites have low or no projected traffic than chances are the domain is spam & the owner will have used artificial domain metric inflation to command a higher price per link.

    So domain rating, domain rank, trust flow and other scores are not good measurement indicators?

    To a degree, what is key to understand is that if a domain has high metrics or “a lot of apparent trust” but very few rankings and/or almost no traffic than that is clearly an indicator that the website might have good vanity metrics, it’s unlikely to offer anything in SEO value, no matter how the domain links to yours.

    Domain rating = vanity

    Traffic = sanity

    I’m not a link building expert – so how do I know if I am getting good links?

    Our link building services focus on REAL links, these are links from domains that have BOTH vanity metrics and traffic. This means when we deliver your links with their respective DR (domain rating), DA (Domain Authority), TF (Trust Flow) metrics, we’ll also highlight domain and page-level traffic.

    Our links are natural and will be a mix of follow and no follow links with naturally occuring link anchors and a natural balance to different URLS within your website.

    Time for SEO Marketing That Works

    Here at Daniel Foley SEO Consultancy and at Assertive, we appreciate the importance in turning around traffic decline or sluggish traffic growth to hit high KPI targets and deliver results that really will transform your brands visibility online.

    Clients from across London, the UK and Europe have trusted my agency to deliver an SEO campaign that makes waves, disrupts page 1 and pushes websites up the search results into a space where users are more likely to click.

    With professional SEO services that leaves nothing out, we’ll drive up traffic, impressions, click through rates and sales.

    With a comprehensive SEO service range including Local SEO, eCommerce SEO, Site Migrations, Technical SEO Audits, Content Strategies, Content Marketing & more.

    SEO Results to be Proud Of

    Nothing reflects the quality of London SEO Services like a series of case studies and client testimony will. It’s easy for most search engine optimisation businesses to show case award-winning logos and lay claim to power statements of being the best SEO agency in town – but the reality is, client results are the proof any business can look up as part of the vetting process.

    Time and time again, I have achieved strong organic growth for businesses, and not just any organic growth – growth on VALUE keywords that bring real traffic and the opportunity to sell, generate enquiries and more.

    Some examples of incredible SEO results include:

    SEO Results Delivered For Clients

    Daniel Foley has delivered substantial results for businesses across a whole variety of different business verticals/niches from finance and healthcare through to education, home improvement, manufacturing and more.

    Daniel Foley helped SCI MX with an SEO strategy that saw traffic growth of over 140% for hundreds of keywords around protein powder, shakes and protein snacks as well as thousands of new long-tail blog keywords. SCI-MX’s traffic profile has continued to grow throughout 2020.

    SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 12 Months

    Working with iProspect, Daniel Foley worked on an SEO campaign for The Open University helping to deliver a technical SEO audit alongside SEO. The Open University had seen growth of over 30% organically. Technical SEO audits helped to alleviate ranking lag.

    Technical SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 4 Months

    Daniel Foley worked with on an SEO strategy to increase rankings for keyword searches across the west country from holiday cottages to dorset cottages. Daniel Foley and the marketing team were able to deliver growth of over 75%.

    SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 14 Months

    Let’s Get Started

    Isn’t it time you had more website traffic & more organic visibility?

    Bespoke SEO vs SEO Packages


    Unlike your typical SEO agency London where packages or packaged deliverables are offered – only bespoke SEO is offered here. Good SEO cannot be packaged because it involves too many moving parts. SEO is a science and not a packagable commodity.

    With your bespoke SEO service, you’ll benefit from a tailor made SEO strategy that incorporates everything you would expect within a marketing service from execution of an SEO audit and on site fixes through to an ongoing search engine marketing strategy.

    Each campaign is built around YOUR needs as a business, this will dictate targets for search engine results and long term performance growth.

    Due diligence is required first to assess your business, model, requirements to rank as well as your business framework for important processes from website implementation and fixes through to web design, content auditing and compliance processes and more.

    There’s no fixed “Per Month” SEO cost, each month SEO work will be delivered within a budget and will consist of spend allocated across on site / off site SEO. How your money is spent is entirely dependent on how reactive changes are and the impact that both on page and off page SEO have on ranking movements.


    Why work with the Daniel Foley SEO Agency


    Because I have a long and extensive track record of getting customers on to the first page of search, driving up organic traffic, delivering exceptional performance gains across Google results and helping to drive long term sustainable growth within a fair & transparent budget.

    I also operate an independent SEO consulting service that gives you more than you’d normally expect to receive from SEO experts. I provide a fully integrated digital marketing solution for your business and marketing campaigns.

    I am a London SEO who can provide a dedicated SEO service to businesses across London and across the UK..


    “Real organic traffic growth.”


    Watch your rankings grow

    Watch the amount of keywords your website ranks for grow

    Watch your domain metrics increase

    Watch your referral traffic grow


    What Our Clients Say

    We used Daniel Foley’s agency Assertive Media for our SEO strategy. They delivered a new website focused around our target audience along with an SEO strategy that delivered outstanding results. We are now number 1 for over 100 of our target keywords and are booked up for the rest of the year.

    Darren Yorke


    I have found Daniel Foley to be always only happy to help and give pointers/advise whenever it has been needed (even if it means outside of working hours to help me/us achieve deadlines etc.). His wealth of knowledge in the SEO world is incredible. We’re very pleased with the results & quality of work and saw an increase in traffic & enquiries as a result.

    Isabel Pacheco

    Head of Marketing, Aspen Healthcare Group

    We used Daniel Foley & his agency to develop Can’t Pay My Fine which is a revolutionary new website to help people with free government funded support. They built the website, delivered a content strategy and have taken us from 0 visitors to over 300 clicks a day for a whole range of legal searches – overall they’ve transformed our business.

    Nicholas Rosenfeld


    Client Case Studies

    Daniel Foley’s Assertive agency was contracted to audit the ThomasSabo website & to propose technical improvements for their SEO strategy. Daniel Foley provided a strategy for ThomasSabo to implement.

    SEO Auditing - 44% Organic Increase

    Ranking Duration: 3 Months

    Daniel Foley’s Assertive agency worked on a campaign with Quick Move Now to target a wide array of sell house fast keywords. Work also involved conversion rate optimisation to increase lead throughput.

    SEO Campaign - 120% Organic Increase

    Ranking Duration: 9 Months

    Daniel worked on a campaign for Allianz Global Investors through Bright talk. The campaign was actually a PPC campaign, but, recommendations were made to improve landing pages for both paid and organic search.

    PPC Campaign - 36% Applicant Increase

    Ranking Duration: 2 Months

    Check out some of our SEO Case Studies that show dramatic increases in organic traffic after an SEO campaign.

    Do I need SEO for my website?

    For most businesses the answer is YES as SEO is an indefinite requirement. However, whether SEO is suitable at your stage of a journey will depend on a number of things such as budget, target market, competition and more.  Whether you need SEO or whether it is suitable is generally determined with a brief assessment of your website, business and Google search console data. Get in contact for an SEO appraisal to see if a campaign is viable.

    Does SEO work?

    SEO works for businesses when it has been implemented properly. How effective SEO is and how well it works is dependent on a number of factors including budget, current establishment and visibility, domain history, quality of website content and more.

    Properly executed SEO not only works, but can deliver substantial volumes of traffic and growth.

    How Long Does SEO Take?

    SEO time to rank timescales can vary from 3 months to 24 months depending on the SEO campaign, scope of target keywords and budgets. Prior to ANY SEO work commencing we’ll give you some ranking projections & assessments to estimate how long it could take for your website to see organic growth.

    How Much Does SEO Cost?

    SEO costs vary depending on target keywords & ranking requirements for those keywords. SEO costs from an SEO consultancy will range anywhere from £2000 to £5000 per month, SEO from a London SEO Agency can cost anywhere from £2000 to £10000+ per month.

    The cost of SEO is highly conditional on the scope of the campaign, requirements for links, content and development & pre-existing performance.

    SEO hasn’t worked for us before – what about next time?

    Whether SEO has worked or not in the past can come down to a huge volume of factors from an incorrect investment or poor SEO strategy, through to poor quality links, content, historic penalties & more. SEO campaigns implemented properly WILL WORK but the timescale to rank can vary dramatically.

    Is SEO worth the investment?

    For most businesses yes, it really comes down to the business, business model & the websites ability to generate an ROI. SEO offers the opportunity for EXCEPTIONAL return on investment, but, it will rely heavily on the website, product, service & brand reputation as to how well conversions will originate and grow.

    Prior to ANY SEO campaign, we’ll always work with your business to assess your business, model, website and how SEO could help increase revenue & timeframes associated.

    Do you offer Monthly SEO Reporting?

    Yes, all SEO reporting incorporates work delivered including links, content and development work as well as bespoke ranking reports & Google data studio reports that’ll provide insights into rankings and traffic.

    Our SEO reporting is bespoke & tailored to each SEO campaign for clients.

    Why Work with Daniel Foley?

    With over 20 years experience delivering performance search engine optimisation campaigns, Daniel Foley has significant experience in boosting local businesses visibility. From generating more social media awareness to helping brands build more trust. Whether you are looking for an SEO specialist for Small Business or even a Local SEO specialist in London – Daniel is your go-to SEO expert.

    Reap all the benefits of an organic specialist without the large costs associated with digital marketing agencies.

    Other SEO Questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions in relation to SEO Services, if you would like more information please get in contact.

    Will I have to pay for SEO Services monthly?

    For most SEO services there will be a monthly fee, sometimes referred to as an SEO retainer. Monthly fees are usually broken down by the cost of delivering on-site SEO / technical SEO / off-page SEO, content, and links.

    Most London SEO Companies & SEO Consultants will charge a fixed recurring fee for SEO services, although some may offer pay as you go SEO.

    Why is SEO so expensive?

    SEO isn’t always expensive, but, there are elevated costs for search engine optimisation mainly because of the demand and increased competition. In general Local SEO is cheaper than nationwide SEO, primarily because the work is isolated to a smaller geographic area – this usually requires less resource & will decrease the monthly fees somewhat – whereas nationwide and international SEO can cost £1000s per month.

    Other reasons why SEO can be expensive is mainly down to the level of expertise involved.

    What is the best SEO Service provider?

    The Best SEO Service providers are ones who can deliver effective ranking growth.  Each SEO provider be it an SEO agency or SEO Consultant will have pros and cons – sometimes it takes businesses a few relationships before they find the ideal SEO service provider.

    Best thing I ever done was use this company. Daniel Foley has increased our website views more than double thanks to his expertise. Super happy

    Zoe Norris Avatar Zoe Norris
    March 9, 2019

    Best SEO ever, If your looking for expert fast results then look no further, just give Daniel a call and let him work his magic on your website and SEO. I have been with this company for 2 years now and traffic to my sight amplifies every week, I was a new company starting out back then in a competitive market and Daniel had me on the first page of Google within a few months and No 1 within another two. What a difference higher rankings makes to enquiries and income to your business, we are extremely busy now. Cant thank him enough for the difference he has made. Highly Recommended, you won't regret it. Darren UK Pro Tiling Training

    Darren Yorke Avatar Darren Yorke
    January 27, 2019

    Superb results for my business. The difference is amazing after Daniel done his magic.

    Lavinia Norris Avatar Lavinia Norris
    March 9, 2019