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Daniel Foley (Carter)

A Highly Experience Search Marketing Specialist

20 Years Experience SEO | SEM | PPC

Daniel Foley (Now Daniel Carter) is a highly experienced SEO consultant with over 20 years experience. Having built websites in the mid 90s, Daniel had begun search engine optimisation courses during the summer of 1998. At this time the marketplace was predominantly Yahoo and SEO was a very different game when compared to modern SEO.

Daniel’s first SEO role was working for Odyssey UK, a small creative agency based in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Throughout 2000, Daniel embarked on optimisation for major search engines including Google which were growing marketshare rapidly.

During the mid 2000’s Daniel had worked for some of the UK’s largest SEO agencies including Big Mouth Media (LBI), Accord (Netizen Digital), Intelligent Positioning (PI Datametrics) before setting up Assertive Media in 2007.

Daniel Foley’s extensive portfolio includes large & corporate businesses including easyCruise, Ladbrokes, Qantas,, DirectSki, SKY, Virgin Holidays, SCI MX, UAE Bank, SQS, BNP Paribas Cardif, Mariner Solutions.

Award Winning SEO Consultant

Daniel Foley has helped 3 SEO agencies achieve award status at the DRUM Awards.

Over 20 Years SEO Experience

Extensive SEO experience, able to project future SEO requirements and ensure companies adhere to progressive algorithm updates.

Highly Educated

Extensive educational background in Marketing, Business Development, Management, Content Creation. Google Ads Qualified. Masters in Business Development & Administration from Oxford University. Independent Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies & International Business Development.

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I'm Passionate About Results
From a young age I wanted more from life. I didn't want to end up doing a job I wasn't passionate about, earning just enough to get by.

So I decided that I'd build a personal brand, an agency and would be responsible for growth that would drive recognition. Whilst you might not of heard about me, there are lots of key players in corporate industries who know who I am and what I can deliver.

I take businesses from £1 million/ £5 million / £10 million turnover and turn them into £100 million+ a year businesses by combining SEO, Digital Marketing, Business Development and out of the box growth hacking / growth tactics.
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A Recognised Business Developer

Daniel Foley has been involved in the development of 2 multi-million £ companies as well as founding Assertive Media, the Backrr Group and Illumin IT.


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