About Me

Who is Daniel Foley Carter?

I’m one of the BEST SEOs in the UK and I’m proud to say it. I’ve been in the SEO industry since 1999, I’ve seen the search marketplace shift from MSN, Yahoo, Altavista, Hotbot etc. to Google. I’ve been through every Google Update, I’ve seen SEO techniques come and go.

SEO Extraordinaire, Guru, Veteran.


Daniel Foley (Now Daniel Carter) is a highly experienced SEO consultant with over 20 years experience. Having built websites in the mid 90s, Daniel had begun search engine optimisation courses during the summer of 1998. At this time the marketplace was predominantly Yahoo and SEO was a very different game when compared to modern SEO.

Daniel’s first SEO role was working for Odyssey UK, a small creative agency based in Luton, Bedfordshire. 

Throughout 2000, Daniel embarked on optimisation for major search engines including Google which were growing marketshare rapidly.

During the mid 2000’s Daniel had worked for some of the UK’s largest SEO agencies including Big Mouth Media (LBI), Accord (Netizen Digital), Intelligent Positioning (PI Datametrics) before setting up Assertive Media in 2007. 

Daniel Foley’s extensive portfolio includes large & corporate businesses including easyCruise, Ladbrokes, Qantas, Holidaycottages.co.uk, DirectSki, SKY, Virgin Holidays, SCI MX, UAE Bank, SQS, BNP Paribas Cardif, Mariner Solutions.

My Values

SEO isn’t just my profession, it’s my passion. I am fiercely dedicated to honesty within an industry that has flooded with poor / low quality SEO services.

 i live and breathe SEO and have done for the last 20 years. Honesty and integrity are absolutely key to surviving in one of the most competitive niches on the planet.

Managing Expectations

Nothing’s worse then working with people who mismanage expectations or give unrealistic deadlines.

With me, I will tell you exactly how things need to be, even if I know you won’t like what I have to say.

I’m not here to sugar coat anything – if you want SEO and you want a realistic strategy and approach, I’m your consultant.


Honesty & Transparency

From when you engage my services, I will tell you exactly how SEO is and what needs doing.

I make NO promises and I NEVER guarantee SEO results – anyone who does is likely a risk and less likely to deliver and more likely to take your money.

No one controls Google, so how can anyone guarantee anything?


Dedicated & Reliable

I’m as passionate about the clients as I am my own work. I love seeing positive organic growth, sales, enquiries and receiving positive feedback – it makes my job worthwhile. With me, you’ll get a dedicated professional who genuinely cares about your businesses success.

Passionate About Results


From a young age I wanted more from life. I didn’t want to end up doing a job I wasn’t passionate about, earning just enough to get by.

So I decided that I’d build a personal brand, an agency and would be responsible for growth that would drive recognition. Whilst you might not of heard about me, there are lots of key players in corporate industries who know who I am and what I can deliver.

I take businesses from £1 million/ £5 million / £10 million turnover and turn them into £100 million+ a year businesses by combining SEO, Digital Marketing, Business Development and out of the box growth hacking / growth tactics.

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