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Freelance SEO Consultant London

Consultancy Services from one of the UK's leading SEO Specialists

Looking for expert SEO consultancy and a proven track record of measurable SEO results?
For nearly 20 years, I’ve been helping London businesses large and small build traffic, improve rankings, and generate leads.
My approach uses a data-driven methodology that’s delivered double-digit impact for some of the UK’s most successful SMEs and innovative start-ups, as well as established global brands like Ladbrokes, Qantas, Lenovo, SKY, Virgin Holidays, and BNP Paribas.
That’s one reason why I’m regularly engaged by the UK’s best SEO agencies to deliver results-focused digital marketing campaigns for their clients.  Switched-on, responsive, and enthusiastic client service is another.
Have a project or SEO challenge you’d like to discuss? Contact me today.


SEO & SEM Consultancy

Full SEO Consultancy Services to help build SEO strategies, audit, develop & implement.


Full SEO & PPC Optimisation & Management Services. Let us increase your revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Powerful Conversion Rate Optimisation, convert more traffic, generate more profit.

SEO Training

Full SEO Training Services - Build an Internal SEO team with tailored training.

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Search Engine Optimisation from Big Data, Modeled on User Experience

Our London SEO Services factor in all aspects of Google’s core algorithms.  SEO & SEM Strategies are modeled from search intent, quality factors, trust, reputation and overall user experience.

Whether we provide you with SEO Consultancy, Planning, Strategies or a full service 

We’ve helped Medium & Large Businesses throughout the UK and Worldwide across a variety of different niches.


Google Algo Signals


Satistified Customers

User Focused Search Marketing
Whether your business is looking to undertake SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, PR, Outreach or Direct Marketing the end user is the priority. We execute marketing strategies that put the user first.

SEO Freelance Contractor

Your companies online presence can dictate the difference between decline and growth. If you don’t rank in the top 3 organically for your target terms then you’ll be losing as much as 60% of marketplace traffic, outside of top 10 you’ll likely get less than 10% clickshare.

As a leading SEO Consultant in London and indeed the UK, I have helped hundreds of businesses significantly increase their organic performance in Google Desktop and Mobile Search.

Service offering:


  • Tailored SEO Campaigns based on Your Targets / Goals

  • Marketplace Analysis, Opportunity Gathering & Website Auditing

  • Full SEO Strategy Building & Execution Timelines to Deliver SEO

  • Full User Experience & Conversion Rate Auditing

  • Fully Tailored SEO Campaign Execution & Comprehensive Reporting

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Tailored Marketing Strategies that Combine SEO & PPC
We combine both SEO & PPC to help deliver a quicker turn-around for traffic & revenue generation, we also share data between these marketing channels.

If you need to generate more business, more enquiries, sales, revenue and need to do it quickly talk to us.

How long does SEO Take?

The golden question asked by small, medium and large organisations alike. The answer is, there is no answer. SEO is a service that should deliver progressive results over time. We advise clients that a time-frame of 6 months minimum is required to deliver a strong, growing yield in terms of organic rankings and traffic.

How much does SEO Cost?

SEO costs vary, our consultancy typically charges £75 per hour for SEO. 

We also offer fixed cost retainers which can be tailored to a budget & to expected results.

SEO Consultancy Services that deliver Real Results
Search engine optimisation isn’t just about websites anymore. It leverages mobile, voice, semantic search, location, user behaviour, and a range of sophisticated ranking factors that are continually evolving. Refining keywords and tidying up HTML pages can help, but it takes more than tweaks to influence Google.

After analysing your online properties, understanding your content, and profiling your traffic, I’ll work with you closely to build a comprehensive SEO strategy that achieves your business objectives.  My services include:

Search Engine Optimisation

Every day, Google handles billions of searches -- yet most searchers never get past the first page of results. Do you know where your company sits? Ask me how the latest on- and off-site SEO strategies can help move you up the rankings.

Online Advertising Campaigns

From mobile to PPC and social media ads, online advertising enables you target audiences with real granularity, leveraging variables like timing, platform and placement to maximise impact. Ask me how the right campaign can drive qualified traffic and increased sales.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Managing a pay-per-click (PPC) programme effectively can make a huge difference in sales. The right keyword selection, along with persuasive storytelling techniques, can make all the difference. Ask me how to optimise your PPC spend and build expertly targeted ad groups that deliver.

SEO Audits

Detailed analysis can reveal insights about your content, backlinks, and competition that can identify opportunities to improve rankings and traffic. Ask me how an SEO audit of your website can become the basis of a new, comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Penalty Recovery

Whether you have suffered a manual penalty or algorithm penalty we can help will full recovery.

Link Outreach

Our agency offers link outreach & link acquisition services, helping to drive influenced and organic link growth.

Speed Improvement

Our consultancies development teams are capable of improving site speed for Google PageSpeed Insights.

Engagement Optimisation

We offer full engagement optimisation including bounce rate reduction & increased dwell time.

Accelerate your Marketing Strategy for 2019 * 2020

Get a Free Appraisal & Consultation

If you would like to discuss your project / marketing requirements in more detail why not get in touch to see how we can help?

What to expect:

Business & Marketplace Audit

We'll undertake a business, website and marketplace audit to ascertain what opportunities exist.

Complete Ranking & Visibility Audit

We'll export all of your websites keyword data, run reports and ascertain low hanging fruit, quick wins and opportunities on the horizon.

A Cost Forecast

We'll let you know what you'd need to invest & the cost for SEO and how long it would take to see a return.

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If you are looking for an SEO Freelancer who offers premium SEO services without the costs associated with an SEO agency look no further. 
"Arshad Mootgami - UAE Bank" 

We sub-contracted our SEO to Daniel Foley's consultancy and saw incredible results. The proposal was fully transparent, the work delivered was exceptional and helped us leverage a 130% increase in Google Organic traffic for the UK and international marketplace.
The biggest issue for most companies in the UK, London, Europe and around the world is finding an SEO company that can deliver results.

Search engine optimisation is often expensive, takes time to materialise and can lead some companies on a wild goose chase. Using a freelance SEO expert can bring the equivalent benefits of using an agency without the associated costs.

Most digital marketing services are the same be it done through a consultant, freelance or agency. It's all about the strategy, planning, approach and execution.

For most companies looking for SEO Experts it can be a daunting task filtering through. Daniel Foley is one of the UK's leading SEO consultants having worked for small, medium and large businesses in a plethora of different niches from finance, travel, hospitality, health, gaming, food, beauty, industrial, manufacturing, retail and more.

Good SEO doesn't have to be expensive. Whether you are looking for an SEO Consultant Leeds, London, Brighton to Birmingham - I can provide services nationwide.
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Work with the Best SEO Consultant in London

If you are looking for an SEO specialist who delivers real organic rankings, traffic growth and a return on investment then look no further.

It takes a lot to deliver SEO services that not only drive ranking increases but also SEO strategies that resonate with client focus / targets.

Search Engine Optimisation takes time, it takes effort, strategy, and planning.  What sets my SEO services aside from other consultants? Well, I deliver sustainable search engine marketing that lasts. Don't be mislead by any SEO experts who sell cheap SEO and promises of fast ranking improvements - most of it is likely unsustainable or derived off the back of underhanded tactics.

From Local SEO London to SEO Audits - I deliver everything needed. Want to rank your business locally? I can help. Want to rank your business nationwide? I can help. I've even worked with corporate brands to deliver international SEO.

Should I hire an SEO Agency or an SEO Company?

SEO agencies can be a viable solution for businesses looking to drive natural growth if the agency is recognised, established and can demonstrate their expertise without significant costs.

The main downside to using SEO companies is generally the cost and the transparency. Using an SEO Expert in London you'll find that the service is far more personalised, transparent and cost  effective.

I execute strategies that ignite strong organic growth. Be more visible, convert more customers, engage more landing page visitors, make more revenue online.
Looking for an SEO Freelancer UK doesn;t have to be difficult. Find the consultants who rank. For years I've been able to demonstrate capabilities with my own portfolio of websites.

Search Engine Optimisation Services are the way forward for digital growth. As more businesses look to grow their business online the demand for SEO specialists has also grown significantly.

Client Success Stories

I’ve delivered exceptional results across a range of sectors and product categories. Here are a few examples of recent work I’m particularly proud of:

Designed and managed SEO strategy over a 5-year engagement which included national launch and later expansion phase.

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BNP Paribas Warranty Direct

BNP Paribas – 69% increase in organic search traffic. Engaged by BNP Paribas in the UK to improve organic performance and conversion rates for its Warranty Direct car insurance brand.

View More

Qantas AU – 66% increase in organic search traffic. Orchestrated keyword research, site audits and SEO strategy to improve rankings & traffic for a wide range of flight keywords.

View More

Allianz GI – 36% increase in applicants. Designed and executed a PPC campaign for Allianz Global Investors to improve landing page results for both paid and organic search.

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  • An established SEO Scientist & Experimentor

    About Me

    I’m Daniel Foley, a London-based SEO expert with close to 20 years’ experience helping businesses add impact to their digital marketing strategies. I began my career building websites in the mid-90s, then transitioned to search engine optimisation in 1998 when it became clear how rapidly search was transforming media and marketing. Back then, it was all about Netscape and Yahoo -- with an emerging brand called Google starting to generate some buzz. Incredible how things have changed. My career journey since has taken me into roles with some of the UK’s largest SEO agencies, names like DigitasLBi, Netizen Digital, and PI Datametrics. As an independent consultant I’ve also accumulated an extensive portfolio of work for organisations large and small, both public and private-sector. Brands I’ve delivered SEO programmes for for include Ladbrokes, Qantas, SKY, Virgin Holidays, and BNP Paribas -- to name a few.

  • SEO is just one of my jobs

    Not just an SEO but an avid family man

    Aside from being an SEO who is reputable and recognised, I'm also a big kid at heart!

Why hire an SEO expert?

In SEO, you’re not only up against Google. You’re up against your competitors as well. Most will have already hired SEO consultants of their own, so fine-tuning your strategy and making SEO a regular part of the marketing mix is now an essential part of doing business. Only dedicated SEO professionals with depth of experience can deliver the expertise and insights needed to succeed.


What exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (UK) or Search Engine Optimization (US) is the process of increasing the quantity of high quality website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website in search engines.  SEO refers to the increase in keyword rankings to drive up “natural” visibility for unpaid results. SEO focuses only on traffic generated organically and excludes any paid or direct / referral traffic.

How long until I see SEO Results?

SEO is a process, not a single project or set of short-term actions. It’s designed to influence user behaviour over the long term and deliver a regular, sustainable flow of targeted traffic to your website, making it easier to convert visits into sales. You might see initial results within a few weeks of starting an SEO strategy, beginning to rank on Google for lower-value keywords. After a couple of months, you can expect to rank for more higher-value keywords; after six months, you should be ranking highly for most of your targeted keywords.

Can SEO really help a local business?

SEO can help businesses of any size achieve higher search engine rankings. The tactics that help large brands pull more qualified prospects to their sites work for smaller organisations too. SEO helps smaller businesses, local businesses and start-ups build a stronger web presence and leapfrog competitors.SEO also helps build brand awareness. Potential customers are much more likely to trust a site listed on page 1 of a Google search result than one on page 20. Using my professional services you can expect to see an increase in search traffic either from nationwide searchers, local searchers or both depending on your business coverage.


Should I employ an SEO instead?

The old adage of many businesses bringing SEO & marketing in-house in to the workplace still exists. Employing an SEO with any real experience is likely to cost substantially more than enlisting a contract SEO or freelance. Experienced organic specialists will typically cost anywhere from £60,000 p/a onwards in and around London (falling to around £40k as you head outside of London).

What about International Strategies?

If your company / business is looking to penetrate an overseas organic search marketplace I can offer the expertise & consultancy to help make that happen from foreign keyword research to marketplace analysis. My extensive knowledge of international search engine optimisation means I can drive keyword ranking diversity & leverage natural visitor growth.

Why Choose Daniel Foley as your SEO consultant?

20 years of SEO experience mean I have a full concept of everything to do with organic search marketing. I’ve been through every Google update from Hummingbird to RankBrain, Fred to BERT. I practice with SEO methods that are white-hat & will offer longevity through Google updates. Sustainability & reputation is key along with good quality work that generates real results.

What Content Management Systems do I work with?

I work with ALL CMS platforms – I deliver SEO on Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Ghost, Drupal, Joomla and other open source platforms. Converstant in all PHP, JS, .NET technologies I avoid using SEO plugins where possible as most quality SEO requires a much more bespoke approach.

How we’ll work together
It’s good to talk.  First, I want to get to know you better, understand your business, the marketing challenges you face, and what you want SEO to deliver. We can meet in person or have a quick video chat, whichever works best

A detailed proposal. I take what you tell me, conduct my own research, then use both as the basis for a comprehensive SEO strategy. I’ll develop a programme and costed set of recommendations, then present them to you for review and discussion.

Hit the ground running. If you like what you see, I aim to start quickly. I’ll commit to firm deliverables for the first 30 days and a timeline of activity with targets and agreed KPIs. We will have a call at the start of each month to review activity and results. At month-end, I’ll deliver a summary report showing activity and suggesting the next month’s priorities.