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Rank organically for terms in the financial services sector. I offer full SEO services & consultancy to mortgage brokers, lenders, loan providers, credit card companies & more.

SEO Consultant for Financial Services

SEO for Mortgage, Loan, Credit Card & Investment Websites


The financial services sector is generally very congested and highly competitive, therefore, it’s of crucial importance for businesses offering financial products & services to rank prominently in organic search, preferably in the top 3 spots of Google.

SEO for Financial Services brings with it many challenges, due in part the competitive nature (demonstrated with HIGH pay per click costs) and also the financial regulatory compliance that websites need to meet (in regulated sectors).

If your companies finance website isn’t ranking then you need an SEO consultant who knows how to deliver SEO for Financial Services, someone who is well acquainted with the industry & someone who understands the complexities of FCA regulation.

Financial services as a sector are broad covering:

  • Accounting
  • Business Banking
  • Funds and Investments
  • Insurance
  • Investment Banking
  • Life Assurance & Pension
  • Mortgages & Loans
  • Regulated Advice Services
  • Payday Loans


and more.

Here at Daniel Foley SEO Consultancy, we provide SEO for finance companies that drives relevant traffic from relevant keywords to generate a significant increase in visibility and campaign ROI. Ranking in the top 3 is crucial in such a competitive industry with traffic drop-out rates on page 1 approaching 90% by the bottom of page 1 – meaning page 2 or beyond is unlikely to ever deliver any tangible enquiries or traffic.

Take the first step towards more clients, more enquiries and a profitable marketing channel.

Start with a free consultation to discuss your business’s needs, goals, and strategy for 2021 into 2022. Understand what we can do differently from previous efforts & understand what a forward SEO roadmap would look like for your business.

Digital Marketing Services for Finance Companies

Like a Financial SEO Services SEO agency, as a specialist SEO consultant I have worked with financial services businesses across the UK dealing with Mortgage SEO, Credit Card SEO, Loan SEO & Investments SEO.

Financial services businesses such as banks, mortgage brokerages, loan companies & investment firms will need an SEO consultancy that has extensive expertise in all core SEO practices to drive strong organic growth.

Complex and competitive search engine markets for financial queries means that there has to be a poignant SEO strategy backed by testing and big data. Creating SEO friendly landing pages to meet end user intent is just one critical part of any digital marketing strategy.

Because of FCA regulation – tasks like content marketing & content copywriting for optimised landing pages often means a layered approval process to ensure FCA compliance – our consultancy has worked with many financial institutions & as such we have access to FCA compliant content writers who help create amazing content as part of an SEO strategy.

Whether you are looking to strengthen brand awareness, drive a growth in high quality converting search traffic, recover from your money your life ranking drops, revisit your SEO strategy or refresh your keyword research – we can help.

We’re not just any marketing agency – we’re financial SEO specialists who know the financial services marketplace inside out, whether your a mortgage broker looking to rank for mortgage broker terms or a loan provider looking for new loan leads, we can help propel your businesses website to the top of Google, delivering SEO results that’ll go beyond your expectation.

If your website just ISN’T generating the enquiries it should be, now is the time to adopt an SEO consultancy with proven marketing strategies that get results in the shortest possible time-frame.


    SEO Services for Finance & Wealth Management

    Here at Daniel Foley SEO Consultancy, we provide bespoke SEO services geared around your target KPI’s – be that more traffic or enquiries, no 2 SEO strategies are the same. Some of the core SEO services we offer include:

    Technical SEO Audits for Finance Websites


    If your financial services website has on site or off site issues, is failing to rank or has other complex ranking issues then a technical SEO audit is one of the first places to start. The audit will identify all technical issues pertaining to your websites construction as well as landing page content analysis, internal linking, titles, descriptions, CTR analysis and more.

    Receive a full technical SEO audit with a video summary of SEO issues found.

    We’ll look at everything including:

        • Your websites financial on page status
        • Title tags, descriptions and CTR
        • Use of headings, sub headings and content relevance
        • Landing page content quality & semantic / topical scoring
        • YMYL content assessments / high quality content accuracy
        • Web page performance and overall aggregated site performance (core web vitals)
        • Mobile-friendliness
        • Website URL structure
        • Internal linking
        • External linking
        • Brand trust factors (Address, citations, NAP audit, Reviews)
        • Domain / website history and past SEO efforts
        • Index bloat
        • Content coverage

     I offer full SEO services regardless of website platform – if your financial website is running on WordPress, Wix, Magento, Squarespace or shopify – or is of bespoke/custom build, I can help. 


    The overall objective of the SEO audit is to understand why your finance website isn’t ranking and then to plan corrective action to fix and improve anything that’ll impede natural performance.

    Generate Finance Leads

    Most businesses in the financial services sector will be focused on leveraging an SEO strategy to generate leads. Rank higher for financial services keywords, get more traffic & generate more leads.

    Ranking Recovery for Finance Websites

    If your loan, mortgage, investment or financial website has lost rankings & traffic as a result of a Google update or is seeing a progressive downward decline then we can help. Whether your website has suffered short term or long term ranking decline – in most cases it can be reversed with a bespoke SEO strategy.

    We’ll look for manual penalties or algorithm related penalties, we’ll conduct a link audit and cleanup as well as validating your content against the YMYL (your money your life algorithm) which looks at content accuracy and content citations as part of fact validity.

    If your “SEO Content” is poorly written, is cannibalised or has fallen foul of YMYL / E-A-T updates then that’ll be dealt with as part of a new content strategy.

    New Ranking & Traffic Acquisition for Financial Websites


    As part of a financial services SEO campaign, we’ll work on optimising your website & CMS to deliver better content in a frame work that offers a BETTER user experience. Offering loans? credit cards? mortgages? finance? or maybe you’re running a financial comparison engine? whatever you have to offer, we’ll work with your business and/or marketing team to create a tiered SEO strategy dealing with on page and off page SEO.

    We’ll target relevant keywords with intent alignment to your KPI’s – that is, we’ll target keywords that will generate new business enquiries, leads, revenue and overall ROI. Your SEO campaign will be built on proper keywords that convert and offer value – as the old adage goes, traffic is vanity, profit is sanity.

    We’re not anchored on “search volume” because fundamentally 10 visitors a day of converting traffic is better than 100 visitors with no conversions – so your online presence will be shaped around keywords that WORK.

    Digital PR & Link Building for Financial Websites

    The financial sector is competitive be it ranking for mortgage, loans, debt or investment terms – all of it will have some form of elevated competition organically.

    A strong link building service for financial services is essential to build up domain level trust & authority.


    No SEO strategy for the financial services sector would be complete without an effective digital PR / link building service. A key part of SEO in the finance niche relies on trust and authority – much of this is earned but some can be influenced.

    Using our network of over 100,000 contacts, we have the ability to plan, create and launch digital PR campaigns that’ll earn high value links back to your website/domain – this coupled with a high quality on site strategy + content will amplify your ranking growth quickly and sustainably.

    We generate premium, high quality links from other relevant websites in the financial services sector to propel your rankings to top 3.

    Because our link building is done on the back of “earning”, the links are contextual, sustainable and are generally rewarded relatively quickly after go live.

    Watch as your website & domain authority grow, propping up elevated visibility in organic search for all the relevant search terms.

    Organic Lead Generation Campaigns for High CPC Niches


    If as a business you’ve made a significant investment into PPC and social media advertising to generate leads, organic can be a powerful source of lead generation without elevated costs. The bonus of ranking for lead-generating terms is the round-the-clock visibility that isn;t dictated or limited by budget.

    If you are looking to generate:

    • Mortgage Enquiries
    • Loan Applications
    • Equity Release Applications
    • Bridging Finance Leads
    • Development Finance Leads
    • Credit Card Applications
    • HNW Investment Enquiries
    • Wealth Management Enquiries


    or other forms of website lead/enquiry – then an organic SEO strategy using high conversion potential keywords is the most efficient way of addressing lead shortfall or excess lead generation cost.

    Most high intent financial services google search queries drop off within the first 3 results of organic listings – meaning that ranking above the fold on page 1 is imperative.

    A lead generation based campaign will cherry-pick out known conversion terms (either through historic or current PPC data where conversions are shown, or by looking at keyword difficulty vs average CPC bid) to make them the core focus within the SEO & digital marketing campaigns.

    Where CPC’s are high and where businesses like yours may have to spend £1000s a month to generate leads, a financial services SEO campaign is a great way to leverage more traffic & conversions & to save money.

    SEO for Financial Services FAQS

    Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to SEO for financial services.

    Why do Financial Companies Need SEO?


    Like any industry, SEO helps businesses outperform one another organically – so having a good SEO service provision in place increases your chance of driving up traffic, leads and enquiries. The financial sector is massively competitive with websites everywhere competing for any scrap of long-tail and short-tail traffic possible.

    Financial companies NEED SEO if they want to maximise the potential for new business, otherwise, with no SEO strategy the lead generation sources will likely be paid or referral channels.

    Whether your business is a financial start up, FinTech business, VC funded financial platform or an established business offering financial products – having a high-performance SEO strategy is crucial.

    What are the key challenges for financial businesses to rank in Google?

    The key challenges are usually based around how competitive target search queries for, strict content rules for FCA (financial conduct authority) compliance, YMYL (your money your life) content compliance & the behemoth link/domain authority that higher ranking sites tend to have.

    These challenges are prevalent across most financial services sub-sectors and mean that delivering SEO services with a fast and high traffic yield is often a lot more expensive and/or time-consuming than other niches.

    If you enquire for financial SEO with our consultancy you’ll receive an initial appraisal that looks at your business, your goals & your websites current status, from there we can give you a realistic overview of time to rank, the amount of SEO required for your financial firm and expected costs.

    We’ll never sugar coat it – you’ll get an honest, unbiased view of your financial SEO performance.

    SEO for financial companies is often complex, expensive and time consuming. If your SEO stratetgy to date has failed, it will likely be down to a multitude of SEO and budget factors.



    Can you guarantee page 1 results for financial SEO?


    No we can’t – and any SEO agency or SEO company/consultant that promises you rankings or your money back – should be avoided.

    No one can guarantee page 1 results, primarily because Google uses complex algorithms that weigh up hundreds of SEO factors. The application of these factors is only one part of your finance SEO campaign, the other part comes down to your business, investment, how agile your business is with content approval & the available budget for financial digital PR.

    We can safely say however that your business WILL SEE a growth in rankings and qualified traffic – before you part with any money or before you even see an invoice, you’ll be given an appraisal which sets out an overview of cost, projection, key milestone review points (sprints) and requirements from your business.

    Can you help with financial services Google Penalties & Rank Recovery?


    Yes, if your domain has been hit with a suspected penalty (either manual action in search console or an automated algorithm penalty) we can help. Lots of financial services businesses have undertaken SEO where short cuts may have been taken (grey hat or black hat SEO). It’s not uncommon for business owners in the loans, credit cards, payday loan and mortgage sectors to find themselves looking at ranking decline, traffic losses and a loss of lead generation as a result of a penalty.

    Whether you’ve had a link penalty (link spam) or you’ve been hit by a Google Algorithm update that no longer favours your content, or even a SCHEMA penalty for misuse of structured data – whatever your finance website has had in respect of ranking losses or penalties, we can help.


    We used an SEO agency for our finance SEO Services before but it didn’t work out?

    If you’ve employed a digital marketing agency or freelance prior for any form of SEO and didn’t get the search results/rankings you were expecting – it’s likely down to one or more reasons. If you were sold SEO under-budget this could be one leading cause, other causes can include a lack of work, poor quality SEO, slow turn-around times on content delivery/approval, poor quality link building or a lack of elapsed time within the campaign.

    How long will SEO take before we see an increase in traffic?

    SEO for finance companies brings with it a myriad of complexities that can impact on how long it takes to rank. There also has to be considerations around your business and target market – are you a local mortgage broker looking for leads within your town or city? or are you a chain of banks or an online credit lending facility? the target market & keyword competitiveness will to a degree, impact time to rank.

    Before commencing on any financial SEO campaign, you’ll receive an appraisal to understand how long it might take to rank for your target keywords and the projected cost.

    Why Work With Me?

    As one of the UK’s leading SEO consultants, I have an extensive background in delivering search engine optimisation to financial services firms across the UK, Europe and Internationally. I’ve worked with numerous large financial institutions on finance SEO campaigns.

    I’ve worked with mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, loan platforms and even credit card providers. I’ve also provided ad hoc SEO consultancy to some large wealth management houses in London.

    Financial services businesses choose to work with me because of my background as well as the significant experience I bring to the SEO table.


    SEO Results Delivered For Clients

    Daniel Foley has delivered substantial results for businesses across a whole variety of different business verticals/niches from finance and healthcare through to education, home improvement, manufacturing and more.

    Daniel Foley helped SCI MX with an SEO strategy that saw traffic growth of over 140% for hundreds of keywords around protein powder, shakes and protein snacks as well as thousands of new long-tail blog keywords. SCI-MX’s traffic profile has continued to grow throughout 2020.

    SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 12 Months

    Working with iProspect, Daniel Foley worked on an SEO campaign for The Open University helping to deliver a technical SEO audit alongside SEO. The Open University had seen growth of over 30% organically. Technical SEO audits helped to alleviate ranking lag.

    Technical SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 4 Months

    Daniel Foley worked with on an SEO strategy to increase rankings for keyword searches across the west country from holiday cottages to dorset cottages. Daniel Foley and the marketing team were able to deliver growth of over 75%.

    SEO Campaign

    Ranking Duration: 14 Months

    Let’s Get Started

    Isn’t it time you had more website traffic & more organic visibility?

    How I Increased A Mortgage 4 Yous Traffic by 400%


    As A Mortgage 4 Yous SEO consultant – I helped rank at the top of Google for bad credit mortgages / poor credit mortgages. When the client came to me they had numerous failed SEO campaigns behind them, leaving them reluctant to invest in SEO again.

    I worked with A Mortgage 4 You on a content / website and link strategy to help drive up rankings for key terms related to the business.

    The Problem

    When the client came to me their rankings were almost non existent. Previous SEOs hadn;t properly addressed the website or link spam. The clients rankings hadn’t moved in more than 2 years, so the domain was almost stagnant.

    The Solution

    After a full technical SEO audit and a plan for resolution – I was able to work with the client to create new FCA compliant content whilst improving the websites architecture (within budget). After a revamped content strategy, I then went through SEO testing phases to disavow and clean up links. I worked to generate new links whilst SEO testing internal page changes over time.

    Eventually, key rankings were achieved leading to a substantial increase in clicks.






    SEO for Financial Services, Advisors, Brokers & Lenders


    The digital revolution is upon the world.  Over 1 billion searches were conducted on Google in 2020. Now it is more important than ever to rank for keywords related to your financial product or service. If you are a finance broker and you need new leads for your business than you need SEO. If you a mortgage, loan, bridging loan or financial lender and you need new client enquiries then you need SEO. Whatever your position is in the finance / insurance / wealth management industry – I can provide full SEO services for financial companies in London, the UK and worldwide.

    “Finance SEO is absoultely crucial for onward business sustainability online”

    More than 80% of websites suffer from basic configuration issues, poor core web vitals, outdated SEO plugins amongst other issues.

    What My Clients Say

    We used Daniel Foley’s agency Assertive Media for our SEO strategy. They delivered a new website focused around our target audience along with an SEO strategy that delivered outstanding results. We are now number 1 for over 100 of our target keywords and are booked up for the rest of the year.

    Darren Yorke


    I have found Daniel Foley to be always only happy to help and give pointers/advise whenever it has been needed (even if it means outside of working hours to help me/us achieve deadlines etc.). His wealth of knowledge in the SEO world is incredible. We’re very pleased with the results & quality of work and saw an increase in traffic & enquiries as a result.

    Isabel Pacheco

    Head of Marketing, Aspen Healthcare Group

    We used Daniel Foley & his agency to develop Can’t Pay My Fine which is a revolutionary new website to help people with free government funded support. They built the website, delivered a content strategy and have taken us from 0 visitors to over 300 clicks a day for a whole range of legal searches – overall they’ve transformed our business.

    Nicholas Rosenfeld


    Want to discuss a Financial SEO Campaign?

    If your objective is to:

     Rank for more mortgage, loan, investment keywords

    Create additional organic traffic to fuel new finance leads

    Improve overall website conversion rate and ROI

    Let’s talk.

    Either fill out my SEO proposal form or call me to discuss SEO for your finance website.

    Are you ready to start your optimisation journey?

    We’re not just wordsmiths or purveyors of AMAZING content, we’re incredible content marketers with over 2 decades of experience making great digital content and getting out there in front of tens of thousands of people.

    Why Work with Daniel Foley?

    With over 20 years experience delivering performance search engine optimisation campaigns, Daniel Foley has significant experience in boosting local businesses visibility. From generating more social media awareness to helping brands build more trust. Whether you are looking for an SEO specialist for Small Business or even a Local SEO specialist in London – Daniel is your go-to SEO expert.

    Reap all the benefits of an organic specialist without the large costs associated with digital marketing agencies.

    Superb results for my business. The difference is amazing after Daniel done his magic.

    Lavinia Norris Avatar Lavinia Norris
    March 9, 2019

    We have been working with Daniel on our national flooring site since last November focusing on link building and on page fixes. We were told it takes up to 6 months for result to manifest however we are already starting to see some good increase in organic traffic. Daniel is great to work with and tells it how it is without the fluff. Highly recommended.

    Peter Hirani Avatar Peter Hirani
    February 15, 2020

    I have used Daniel for SEO consultancy for the last 3 years. He's helped our jewellery business to grow significantly online. We initially used Daniel for some SEO consultancy, but, after a few months we realised it would be better to just hand the SEO over to him completely. Since then our keywords are all showing prominently in Google and our analytics traffic is up 100's%. I can't thank Daniel enough and I hope this review encourages others to seek his expertise.

    John Dodd Avatar John Dodd
    February 21, 2019