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SCI-MX Nutrition |

Daniel Foley has been working on the SCI-MX project for the last 2 years to help drive strong organic traffic growth within the protein supplements / sports nutrition niche.

Daniel Foley has worked with SCI-MX to deliver an SEO strategy incorporating technical SEO, content, user experience optimisation, domain authority building & engagement building.

Protein supplements is a hideously competitive niche, however, it has one of the best long-tail coverages to date with tens of millions of variant searches being conducted day in day out.

Using a mixed content strategy, we’ve been able to increase organic traffic over 140%.

Organic Traffic Increases Over 140%

We've managed to increase organic traffic over 140% for a diverse range of protein / supplement / research keywords. From protein flapjacks to creatine monohydrate, we've driven strong organic growth.

Over 400% Keyword Profile Increase

Leveraging a mixed on-site strategy with content recommendations & site structure updates, we were able to increase horizon keyword volumes over 400%.

Powerful Content Strategies

Using a diverse content strategy, we've been able to significantly increase long-tail traffic, covering everything from calories in meat to expired protein powder.

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What we delivered | SEO

We delivered a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve website performance, content coverage and user experience. Using this mixed approach, we’ve been able to drive strong growth for hundreds of protein searches, creatine searches, supplement searches and general research for sports nutrition.

Our consultancy was a mix of:

  • Technical SEO

  • User Experience Optimisation

  • Domain Authority Building

  • Health Checks