Impacted by coronavirus?

I’m Offering Free Digital Marketing Support

I am offering my expertise which includes 20 years SEO and 13 years PPC to businesses suffering from the impact of Coronavirus. This support includes guidance, training, research and implementation.

Has your business been impacted by Coronavirus (COVID 19) or the
trading conditions Coronavirus has created?

If so – I am here to support you and your business.

From one small business to another – no one likes the prospect of potentially going bankrupt, laying off staff or having to cease trading.

So – I am offering my expertise to help provide support and guidance for businesses impacted by Coronavirus (COVID19). For many businesses online trading might be a new avenue to explore to help reduce impact damage – or, for businesses already trading online that are suffering from a fall in online sales / e-commerce conversion rates/enquiries my services could help revitalise fortunes or at least reduce the negative impacts businesses are currently seeing from complete economic uncertainty.

Is your business suffering from a fall in sales? a significant drop in enquiries? 

Then now is the time to consider a review of your organic (SEO) and paid media strategies along with auxiliary (and complementary ) tasks such as conversion rate optimisation.

With the likelihood of a nationwide lock-down – trading conditions could potentially worsen. It is likely that there will be a resurgence in online search volumes for everything from holidays to ecom product searches.

So if YOUR BUSINESS has seen a DECLINE and needs to take urgent action – here is where I can help.

I am offering FREE guidance, support, training and strategy advice to businesses to help them through this tough time. So read on below to see what services I am offering and how you can go about getting FREE support and guidance.


Where am I based?

I’m all over London, but, I work mainly from the Assertive office at 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN

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9am – 10pm Monday to Friday
9am – 9pm Saturday and Sunday

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